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One Piece 1079 Spoilers Reddit: Bubble Gun, Anti-Devil Fruit Weapon!

One Piece 1079 Spoilers Reddit: Bubble Gun, Anti-Devil Fruit Weapon!

Eiichiro Oda introduces an anti-devil fruit epic weapon that will be able to neutralize all devil fruit powers as shown in one of the previous chapters. 

The smartest scientist in the world of One Piece, Vegapunk, is known to be capable of creating various advanced technologies. 

All the technology that exists on Egghead Island is clear evidence of this.

In addition to various advanced technologies such as tools to regulate weather temperature, Vegapunk is also known to make powerful and terrible weapons. 

These weapons can even have a significant impact in a battle or battle. 

One of the weapons in question is the Bubble Gun. 

This is the perfect weapon against those devil fruit users.

Anti-Devil Fruit Weapon

One Piece 1079 Spoilers Reddit: Bubble Gun, Anti-Devil Fruit Weapon!

Then, what is Bubble Gun? 

Why then is this the perfect weapon against devil fruit users? 

In chapter 1077 yesterday, we saw the continuation of the story of various small groups whose mission is to find the whereabouts of the original Vegapunk. 

One such group contains Lillith, Usopp, and Franky. 

They were also one of the victims attacked by the Seraphim.

Usopp's group is shown having to face S-Snake, a Seraphim who is similar to Boa Hancock. 

In the previous chapter, they seemed overwhelmed by S-Snake. 

However, in chapter 1077, Lillith then uses an advanced weapon made by Vegapunk to face the Seraphim, namely the Bubble Gun.

Bubble Gun itself has a unique shape where the shape of this weapon is more like a stick with a tip that looks like a trumpet. 

Bubble Gun does not shoot bullets, but shoots large bubbles. 

Even though it looks like an ordinary bubble, it turns out that there is something special about the bubble that is released from the Bubble Gun.

These large bubbles have "sea energy" or in other words, there is sea rock energy in the bubbles. 

As is known, sea energy or sea stone energy is able to neutralize devil fruit powers. 

This was also what happened when Lillith and the others used it to neutralize the Seraphim S-Snake's powers. 

With that bubble the Seraphim looked utterly helpless.

What's interesting is that the user only needs to touch the giant bubble with the target, which is a devil fruit user. 

And in effect, their devil fruit power will be neutral even if for a while. 

The more the bubble is pressed onto the body of the target or devil fruit user, the weaker its strength will be as shown by S-Snake who can't move when the bubble is pressed tightly against S-Snake's body.

This is the reason why Bubble Gun is a very powerful and extraordinary anti-devil fruit weapon when used in a fight. 

In fact, this weapon is also able to have a significant impact in the fight as shown when facing S-Snake. 

Seastone technology itself was previously developed by Vegapunk to be used as handcuffs to make marine prisoners unable to use their powers.

This can be seen when the marines were about to execute Portgas D. Ace, where he was unable to use his powers until the handcuffs were released. 

Marco also ended up getting hurt, when Aokiji used the sea stone handcuffs on Marco's hands which made him injured. 

Bubble Gun uses the same technology, but with a different way of using it. 

Those who don't have devil fruit powers can use this weapon as their mainstay against these various threats.

Reasons Wanted World Government

One Piece 1079 Spoilers Reddit: Bubble Gun, Anti-Devil Fruit Weapon!

As shown in chapter 1078, there are two reasons why the World Government then mobilized a large force to destroy Egghead Island. 

Also, they did this to kill Vegapunk's life. 

First, Vegapunk managed to find out the big secret hidden by the World Government.

Vegapunk is known to have even succeeded in uncovering or knowing far more secrets from the past than what was discovered by the Ohara scholars. 

Second, the defense system on Egghead Island is quite massive which makes the World Government not want to be careless and prefer to deploy large amounts of force. 

Regarding the Bubble Gun, this seems to be one of the proofs of the awesomeness of the past technology used by Vegapunk.

As revealed in the previous chapter, all the advanced technology that exists on Egghead Island doesn't actually come from the future. 

All of Vegapunk's technology was copied from the past, 900 years ago to be precise. 

Based on all the information he read and remembered, Vegapunk then tried to use the technology and revive him.

So far, it can be said that Vegapunk has succeeded in developing this technology, which is evident from the various facilities and interesting things on Egghead Island. 

Bubble Gun can also be considered as one of the proofs of the epic technology that Vegapunk used from the past. 

And on the other hand, the use of technology in Bubble Gun might also be the reason why Vegapunk is the target of the World Government. 

Let's just wait, geeks, what will be the fate of this Bubble Gun in the next story. 

Of course it would be a shame if the appearance of this Bubble Gun was only a glimpse.

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