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One Piece 1078 Spoilers Reddit: More Chaotic than Buster Call

One Piece 1078 Spoilers Reddit: More chaotic than Buster Call

One Piece 1078 leak from Redon is here and will reveal many more surprising things.

In this One Piece 1078 spoiler, it will be told how Egghead Island will experience a catastrophe that is even worse than the buster call.

The reason is, it turns out that Vegapunk has a secret that the World Government is afraid of until the traitor is revealed.

The story begins with Stussy, she uses her personal Den Den Mushi to talk directly to Sentomaru.

Stussy informs him that Admiral Kizaru will come to Egghead Island.

The plan, the arrival of these Marine troops as a plan B, because the World Government is taking extreme precautions.

So that's why the World Government is moving their armies far beyond the average Buster Call.

There it can be seen that people are starting to flee all over Egghead Island.

Moving on to Franky's group, who is partially paralyzed because half of his body is petrified, but he can still talk.

Pythagoras asked the S-Snake through tears who gave him the order.

The S-Snake didn't reply, then he stepped on Pythagoras and caused a huge explosion.

Turning to Robin's group, who analyzed that while everyone was busy fighting the Seraphim, maybe something could happen to Stella.

Atlas says there is one abandoned lab that has been closed for a long time.

Robin asked Atlas to lead her and Chopper there.

Switch to Sanji's group. Nami is holding Edison.

Brook said he would go find Vegapunk. Sanji vs S-Shark continues.

Switch to Luffy's group. Seraphim didn't let the flames die out so Luffy and the others still couldn't defeat him. Suddenly, S-Hawk disappeared from the fight.

Then there was a flashback going on. 3 months ago, Mary Geoise received a message from Egghead Island. A mysterious person informs that Vegapunk is researching the "Void Century".

Because of that the World Government sent several Cipher Pol agents to find out the truth.

The Cipher Pol agents found no evidence, but all of them disappeared on their way back.

For your information, Cipher Pol is a secret world government organization formed with people who can use the rokushiki technique.

This Rokushiki technique is a super technique where one can increase body strength beyond its limits and this technique is only used on selected characters.

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