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One Piece 1077 Spoilers Reddit: Shaka Finally Dies?

One Piece 1077 Spoilers Reddit: Shaka Finally Dies?

After a week off, the latest One Piece spoilers for chapter 1077 have started to appear on social media. 

In the circulating spoiler information, it is shown that the situation on Egghead Island is actually getting worse. 

This is known by the existence of several terrible incidents that happened to some of the characters there.

As you know, on Egghead Island right now the situation is uncertain. 

The reason is, it is the Seraphim who are now turning to attack the Vegapunk satellites, the Straw Hat crew, and even the CP0 members. 

It is still not known exactly what happened. 

Even so, it is believed that someone is responsible for this series of events.

One Piece 1077 Spoilers

One Piece 1077 Spoilers Reddit: Shaka Finally Dies?

Then, what happened in chapter 1077?

The title of this chapter is "You Should Realized That Sooner" or "You Should Realize It From the Beginning".

The cover page shows how Caesar Clown and Vinsmoke Judge realized that Vegapunk was the biggest challenge they had to face. 

There are several initial information points that appear in this latest chapter.

First, Roronoa Zoro realized that there were similarities between Seraphim S-Hawk and King. 

In the previous chapter, Luffy finally agreed to team up with Rob Lucci and Kaku to take on the two Seraphim, S-Hawk and S-Bear. 

He felt that they didn't have much time left, so it was better to work together to destroy the Seraphim which also cost them their lives.

Zoro and Kaku then fight against S-Hawk, where previously Zoro also realized that the Seraphim resembled Dracule Mihawk. 

However, it seems that Zoro realized that there is something else about S-Hawk that is none other than the physical similarity with King. 

Second, we then move on to another part of Egghead where Lillith tries to confront the S-Snake.

He tried to incapacitate the Seraphim by using bubble shots. 

Unfortunately, S-Snake managed to dodge the attack. And what happened next was Usopp who was hit by the S-Snake attack. 

In effect, he was then turned into stone. 

Third, and the last point, at the end of the chapter, bad luck must befall one of Vegapunk's satellites, namely Shaka.

Shaka is shown being shot in the head which causes his head to explode. 

Unfortunately, it is not known who then shot Shaka in the head. 

This clearly made the situation on Egghead Island even more uncertain. 

Fortunately, there is no break for next week so chapter 1078 will be released as usual. 

Chapter 1077 will be officially released on the 8th, while chapter 1078 will be released on March 16, 2023.


One Piece 1077 Spoilers Reddit: Shaka Finally Dies?

How then did Zoro realize that there are similarities between S-Hawk and King, of course it's a double-edged sword. 

On the one hand, Zoro knew that this could mean S-Hawk would be very difficult to beat. 

Because, Lunarian DNA makes him able to adapt in any situation. 

Not to mention, he also has healing powers and even devil fruit powers.

But, on the other hand, Zoro knows how to overcome it by using Enma and releasing all the power of Conqueror Haki in him. 

Also of interest is the cover storyline which mentions that Vegapunk is the real obstacle for Caesar Clown and Judge. 

Does this mean in a scientific sense or in some other way?

In this case, does it mean that Vegapunk is indeed a dangerous figure? 

And the situation on Egghead Island is also now getting more chaotic with Shaka being the other victim. 

There is speculation that Shaka might have survived as well as Pythagoras. 

However, is that really the case? 

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