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The Longest Arc in One Piece

One Piece is already known as one of the longest running manga and anime series ever. 

Starting in 1997, this series has become increasingly popular after being adapted into an anime in 1999 by Toei Animation. 

Until now, the series is still running and the fan community continues to grow.

One Piece does have a story that continues to grow, so it's unlikely that this series will end anytime soon. 

What's more, each series arc also always has many episodes, starting from tens to hundreds.

Currently, One Piece already has thousands of episodes. Throughout the series, here are the five longest arcs in One Piece.

1. Wano Country arc

It's not surprising why the Wano Country arc is the longest arc in the One Piece series. The reason is, this arc is indeed the best arc of One Piece so far. In the manga, this arc is over. 

Meanwhile, this arc is still ongoing in the anime.

The Wano Country arc started at episode 890. At the time of writing this article, the series already had 1049 episodes, which means the arc has spanned 160 episodes. 

Of course, this number will continue to grow as the arc still hasn't ended in the anime.

The Wano Country arc itself tells about the journey of the Straw Hats in the hometown of the samurai, Wano Country. 

There, Luffy must form an alliance with Law and Kid, to face two Yonko, namely Kaido and Big Mom.

2. Dressrosa arc

Previously, the Dressrosa arc was the first arc to reach hundreds of episodes. This arc adapts chapters 700 to 801. The arc has a total of 118 episodes, starting from episodes 629 to 746.

After meeting up with Law and Kin'emon on Punk Hazard, the crew then sailed to Dressrosa. 

There, they aim to destroy Donquixote Doflamingo's SMILE Factory and free the samurai. 

However, things continue to get complicated after the new Admiral, Fujitora, arrives to arrest the pirates.

3. Whole Cake Island arc

At Fish-Man Island, Luffy said that he would defeat Big Mom and make Fish-Man Island his territory. After visiting several islands, Luffy finally confronted the Yonko on his own island, Whole Cake Island.

Here, it is revealed that Sanji is the prince of the Germa Kingdom. In order to help his family and save his crew, Sanji agreed to marry Charlotte Pudding as a political goal between the Germa Kingdom and the Big Mom Pirates. 

Inevitably, the Straw Hats attacked Whole Cake Island to save Sanji.

The Whole Cake Island arc has a total of 95 episodes starting from episode 783 to 877. This arc adapts manga chapters 825 to 902.

4. Fish-Man Island arc

Fish-Man Island arc is the first arc after the time skip. After spending 2 years training, the Straw Hats regrouped at Sabaody and were about to go to the New World via Fish-Man Island. 

However, upon arrival at Fish-Man Island, they were instead involved in a fight that almost destroyed Fish-Man Island.

The Fish-Man Island arc is an important arc because this arc introduces Big Mom, Poseidon, and Joy Boy. 

Having a total of 51 episodes, this arc adapts manga chapters 603 to 653.

5. The Punk Hazard arc

Punk Hazard was the first island the Straw Hats visited, after they entered the New World. There, they encountered Law, and were confronted by Caesar Clown and Smoker. 

In an effort to defeat the Yonko, Luffy begins an alliance with Law.

Excluding fillers, the Punk Hazard arc has a total of 46 episodes starting from episode 579 to 625. This arc adapts manga chapters 654 to 699.

Of the five longest arcs, which do you think is the most interesting?

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