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One Piece: Why is Luffy called Mugiwara?

Why is Luffy called Mugiwara in One Piece story?

For One Piece fans, many people probably already know the answer to this question.

The real reason is very simple

See the explanation below to find out why:

1. Luffy's straw hat is his trademark

The first thing we have to know is, what does the word mugiwara actually mean?

Its true meaning is very simple: a straw hat.

Luffy is usually seen wearing a mugiwara or straw hat, wherever he goes. The hat is also the hallmark of Luffy's appearance.

Even the Straw Hat Pirates' jolly rogers wear straw hats.

Since Luffy's straw hat has become his trademark, it's no wonder he's often called Mugiwara Luffy.

2. Each pirate character in the One Piece story must have a nickname according to their respective characteristics.

In One Piece, there are a number of characters who have nicknames according to the characteristics of their appearance.

Apart from Mugiwara Luffy, there are also Akagami no Shanks, Shirohige, Kurohige.

Akagami no Shanks can be interpreted as "Red-Haired Shanks." Shanks' hair was indeed red.

In Japan, the word "hige" can refer to either a beard or a mustache. Edward Newgate has an epic mustache, so it's no wonder he's called Shirohige.

Meanwhile, Marshall D. Teach has a beard that also stands out. Especially after the time skip. So it's no wonder he is called Blackbeard.

So yes, it's common in One Piece for someone to have a nickname according to their characteristics. And Luffy's signature is the straw hat.

3. History of Luffy's straw hat

Luffy's straw hat originally belonged to Gol D. Roger. This can be seen in Rayleigh's flashback, when Roger met Rayleigh for the first time, when Roger wore the hat.

After that the hat belonged to Shanks. The little Shanks in Kozuki Oden's flashback was already wearing that hat.

Before Shanks left Foosha Village, Shanks also entrusted his hat to Luffy, with the promise that Luffy would give it back to Shanks after Luffy became a great pirate.

After that, this straw hat became Luffy's trademark.

So, that's the answer to why Luffy is called mugiwara in One Piece.

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