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One Punch Man: Can Genos Surpass Saitama?

Genos is the only student of Saitama in the One Punch Man story. Many fans are wondering whether Genos will be able to surpass the teacher in the end?

Series One Punch Man presents a very unique story in which the main protagonist in the story, Saitama, is a character who has extraordinary strength.

He cannot be crushed, harmed, or even killed. Precisely Saitama is a figure who is able to destroy anything very easily, with just one punch. 

The awesomeness of Saitama provoked a character named Genos to become Saitama's student. 

Genos tries to find out what makes Saitama strong, and also what makes him surpass him. However, can he do it?

Can Genos Surpass Saitama?

Like the other heroes in class S, Genos has tremendous power. This is caused by the increase in cyberkinetic power applied to Genos' body. 

This increase in strength usually occurs when Genos manages to defeat an enemy that is stronger than his figure. 

And the parts of the cyborg were then applied to his body by Dr. Kuseno.

Even though Genos already has quite powerful strength, he still feels lacking with everything he has. 

He is known to have incredible speed, where he is even considered as one of the fastest characters in the series. 

Not to mention the various epic attacks, as shown in the Monster Association arc yesterday.

Even though Genos is a strong figure who can defeat many strong enemies, it must be admitted that he still has many shortcomings.

For example, Genos doesn't have the human side development that most of his enemies usually have. In this case, Genos will definitely not be able to improve either in ability or strength.

Someone – in this case is a human – who has experienced heavy training and also various extreme conditions will usually feel an increase in strength. 

Starting from endurance, attack power, and so on. 

For Genos, all the training that Saitama gave might provide an improvement over something else. However, not with physical strength like humans. 

Why? Because, Genos has no human element in him. He was completely dependent on the technology he invented. Genos could still develop, but at a very slow pace. 

On the other hand, Genos is also skeptical that all the training methods provided by Saitama will be able to increase his strength. Because, he himself wasn't sure if it was the training menu that made Saitama stronger.

Apart from the things that are also mentioned, one important factor that needs to be noted is about Saitama's character. 

How no one was able to hurt Saitama made Genos' chances of surpassing his mentor so small or even zero. 

No matter how Genos tries, Saitama will always be able to beat him with just one punch or strike.

So, is Genos capable of surpassing Saitama? 

The answer is very unlikely. Even though Genos won't be able to surpass Saitama's power level, he can still be someone who is no less powerful than Saitama. 

Being the student of the strongest character in the series, of course, makes Genos need to prove his level of strength to people. 

So, even though he won't be able to surpass Saitama, Genos can be a figure whose strength level is one level below him.

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