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Jujutsu Kaisen: Facts About Shikigami Mahoraga

As a user of the Ten Shadows curse technique, Megumi has various shikigami that will help her fight in Jujutsu Kaisen stories.

However, there is one strong shikigami that he has yet to tame, Mahoraga.

What are some interesting facts about Mahoraga's shikigami?

1. The strongest Shikigami that has never been tamed

Mahoraga's full name is Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga.

He himself is the only shikigami with power that surpasses other shikigami and even users of curse techniques.

In the history of the Zenin clan, no one has managed to tame Mahoraga. If summoned, the creature will beat anyone including the caller as long as it is wild.

2. According to Megumi's guess, Mahoraga is an ace who can compete with the owner of Six Eyes

While fighting Shigemo, Megumi remembers her teacher's story about the feud between the Gojo clan and Zenin in the past.

Satoru himself said that during the conflict, the representatives of the Gojo clan who fought were owners of Six Eyes like Gojo Satoru. Meanwhile, the representative of the Zenin clan is a Ten Shadows user like Megumi.

From there, Megumi realized that Mahoraga was a wild weapon that would allow representatives of the Zenin clan to fight the Six Eyes user.

3. Can be summoned by chanting a spell

If other shikigami can be summoned through hand movements that form certain motives, then that is different from Mahoraga.

To summon it, Megumi simply chants "with this treasure, I summon..." with hands clenched.

If successful, Mahoraga will appear accompanied by the howling of several dogs.

4. Use Megumi as the final card

Even though it hasn't been successfully tamed, Mahoraga is known to still be able to be summoned if the Ten Shadows user is confident enough to tame it.

The problem was, other people who happened to be in Mahoraga's summoning area would also be dragged into the shikigami's taming ritual. The ritual only stops when Megumi or someone else manages to defeat the creature.

This was what Megumi realized. Remembering that he had not managed to tame Mahoraga, the young man often used it as a wild card to finish off his enemies.

This had happened to Shigemo, who at that time was forced to face Mahoraga who was summoned.

5. Has a Sword of Extermination which is effective against curses

One of the reasons why Mahoraga is feared is the sword that is attached to his right hand.

The sword is the Sword of Extermination. As the name implies, this weapon is able to eradicate all curses, including those at special levels.

The Sword of Extermination itself is imbued with positive energy so it will be very dangerous if it hits a curse.

Sukuna even admitted that if he didn't have Yuji's body at that time, he would have died from the slash of the sword.

6. His greatest strength is limitless adaptability

If the weapon alone is dangerous enough, then this shikigami's innate ability is arguably much worse.

This ability is unlimited adaptation. Every time Mahoraga is hit by an attack and manages to survive, the wheel behind it will spin so that the creature manages to get up with absolute immunity to the attack.

What's worse, Mahoraga's own immunity is not only able to withstand attacks that have hit him, but all techniques that have a theme almost the same as that move.

Sukuna realized this when he saw how Mahoraga had adapted to his slashing technique.

Therefore, the only way to beat Mahoraga was to deal a fatal blow that he had never experienced before.

7. So far only Sukuna has just beaten him

Despite having unparalleled adaptability, Mahoraga himself was once defeated by one person.

That person is none other than the king of the curse, Sukuna. He fought the entity because he didn't want Megumi to die.

Sukuna and Mahoraga fought very fiercely. Until finally, the king of the curse managed to end the shikigami's history with a fire arrow that made the creature vanish into ashes.

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