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One Piece: Not Akainu, Commander Kong is the Strongest Figure in the Marines!

One Piece: Not Akainu, Commander Kong is the Strongest Figure in the Marines!

In the Marine organization in One Piece, it is possible that it is not Akainu who is in control or in power. 

Since winning his battle against Aokiji after the war at Marineford, Akainu currently serves as Fleet Admiral or head of the central naval headquarters. 

Akainu previously had to fight for the position.

This is because Aokiji also turns out to be another prime candidate for the position of Fleet Admiral. 

This position was previously filled by Sengoku, who later decided to retire. 

Fleet Admiral is indeed at the top of the naval chain of command. 

He could command an entire naval fleet. 

However, actually, there is another position above Fleet Admiral which is filled by one person, namely Kong.

Kong, the Commander of the Marines

One Piece: Not Akainu, Commander Kong is the Strongest Figure in the Marines!

In the naval order, Kong is the Commander-In-Chief alias commander-in-chief of the Marine. 

He does not have an office or duty at naval headquarters, but at Mary Geoise. 

This is solely for the sake of protecting the Gorosei, as well as being a bridge for the orders given by the Gorosei to the Marine. 

However, there could be some changes after Akainu decided to move the Marine headquarters to the Red Line.

Kong himself is a Marine from the old generation. 

It is not known how old he was or what his career in the Marine was like when he was young. 

Before filling his current position, Kong had filled the position as Fleet Admiral. 

Kong became Fleet Admiral when Edd's sword (Edd War) occurred 27 years ago, and also when Gol D. Roger was executed 24 years ago.

Kong is one of the characters that we look forward to seeing, because so far he has only appeared briefly. 

Apart from that, fans are also looking forward to complete information about Kong's figure because Oda Sensei has yet to provide any information regarding this figure. 

We also never know how strong Kong is, whether he has devil fruit powers, and so on.

Strong Figure

One Piece: Not Akainu, Commander Kong is the Strongest Figure in the Marines!

Even though information about Kong is very limited, especially regarding his power level, many fans think that Kong is a powerful Marine. 

This is seen from how its position is now in the World Government. 

As well as, we can also see how the scars on his body. 

Besides being a strong figure, Kong is most likely a very experienced figure.

Kong may have faced many legendary pirates, such as the figure of Gol D. Roger or even Rocks D. Xebec. 

Kong is also believed to have powerful Haki powers, because according to existing information high-ranking naval officers usually have Haki powers. 

This means that Kong has very powerful Haki abilities that Oda will probably show in the next story.

With a lot of experience fighting tough pirates, coupled with his current position, Kong is considered to be able to match the strength of the Yonko. 

It is known that Kong has a good relationship with Garp and Sengoku. 

He really respects the figure of Garp and this is one of the reasons why Garp was offered a promotion to admiral.

However, the offer was always rejected by Garp. 

This had made Kong frustrated. 

Even so, Kong always respected Garp's decision, including when Garp decided to retire from the Marine. 

Kong offers Garp a position to train the young Marines while also maintaining the connections between them. 

Apart from Garp, Kong also has a good relationship with Sengoku. 

Kong even chose Sengoku to be his successor as Fleet Admiral.

Kong's Important Role

One Piece: Not Akainu, Commander Kong is the Strongest Figure in the Marines!

In the previous chapter, we saw how the Marine finally started moving towards Egghead Island. 

According to Akainu's narrative, they already have a plan to hunt down the Straw Hats and also Vegapunk. 

And in chapter 1071 yesterday, it was shown that the Marines decided to deploy almost their entire fleet to Egghead Island.

There is a possibility if there is Kong's interference in the preparation of this plan. 

This is because, as mentioned above, if Kong is the commander in chief of the Marine. 

He became the bridge between the Marine and the Gorosei. 

How did one of the Gorosei, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, decide to join Kizaru's troupe? 

It could also mean that Kong has a role in it.

Based on this, it means that Kong is indeed not an ordinary figure especially with his position in the Marine. 

On the other hand, this also seems to provide clues about the war from Kong in the future. 

Kong may be responsible for devising another strategy to face the Straw Hats and their allies. 

It is also possible that he will appear towards the end of the story, where the peak war against the World Government is predicted to occur. 

Let's just wait for the action from Kong geeks in the next chapter of One Piece.

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