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One Piece: 5 Characters Turn Out to be Devil Fruit Users Since They Are Very Young

In the world of One Piece, Devil fruits are usually eaten by pirates, marines, or people who work with violence.

Devil fruit is consumed because it can help get power that can support work. Of course, young children should have no reason to eat Devil Fruits.

However, it is different with the five children below. Despite their young age, these five characters are already Devil Fruit users. Check out the following review for complete information.

1. Big Mom

So far Charlotte Linlin or Big Mom is a character who has been confirmed to have eaten a Devil Fruit at the youngest age. 

When he was little, Big Mom was raised by Carmel at the Sheep House orphanage. Carmel is actually a child seller and she also intends to sell Big Mom.

On Big Mom's 6th birthday, Carmel gave her a giant cake and celebrated with the children at the orphanage. However, because of Big Mom's extraordinary appetite, 

Big Mom accidentally ate Carmel and the other children. 

Because Carmel is a Soru Soru no Mi user, Carmel's Devil Fruit power also transfers to Big Mom.

2. Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy was only a year older than Big Mom when he ate his Devil Fruit. When he was 7 years old, Shanks visited Foosha Village with his Gomu Gomu no Mi (Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika). 

Just like Big Mom, Luffy also accidentally ate his Devil Fruit.

At that time, Luffy was angry with Shanks because Shanks didn't reply to the bandit who humiliated him. Annoyed, Luffy ate the fruit that was in one of the crates that Shanks brought. 

However, Luffy didn't realize that the fruit he ate was a Devil Fruit.

3. Otama

Just like Luffy, Otama also ate his Devil Fruit around the age of 7. Now, Otama is 8 years old and he already has Devil Fruit abilities before he reaches 8 years. 

Otama herself is a little girl who comes from Kuri, Wano.

Otama ate the Kibi Kibi no Mi which allowed him to create dango from his cheeks. 

Even though it sounds like a useless power, the dango created by Otama, if given to an animal, can tame the animal.

4. Nico Robin


It has not been confirmed at what age Nico Robin ate his Devil Fruit. However, based on some evidence, it is very likely that Robin ate his Devil Fruit at the age of 8. In Ohara's flashback, 

Robin is still 8 years old.

At that age, Robin had passed the exam and became the youngest archaeologist in Ohara. 

At this point, Robin already has the Devil Fruit ability. Chances are that Robin ate his Devil Fruit at the age of 8 or even younger.

5. Momonosuke

At the age of 8, Momonosuke was accidentally brought to Punk Hazard after being separated from Kin'emon and boarding the wrong ship. 

There, he was put into the Biscuits Room, where small children were used as guinea pigs by Caesar Clown.

In order to maintain his pride as a samurai, Momonosuke refuses food from anyone. 

However, when he couldn't hold back his hunger, Momonosuke sneaked out and accidentally walked into the room that used to be Dr. Vegapunk.

There, he ate a fruit that was actually a Devil Fruit made by Vegapunk. The Devil Fruit is a clone version of Kaido's Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryu.

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