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Facts about Mark III, the Strongest Pacifista in One Piece!

Facts about Mark III, the Strongest Pacifista in One Piece!

Eiichiro Oda introduced a new type of Pacifista in the new chapter of One Piece manga, where this type of Pacifista is different from the one that appeared before, namely Mark III. 

Pacifista is one of the strongest weapons owned by the navy. 

Usually, they will field Pacifista to face strong opponents. 

For example, pirates from Worst Generation.

Pacifista also seems to have become an important element in the story, because it is connected with one of the characters, namely Bartholomew Kuma. 

There are still many unanswered puzzles regarding the connection between Kuma and the Pacifista. 

However, chapter 1074 shows the newest type of Pacifista, Mark III. 

There are several interesting things that have been revealed from the Pacifista. Anything?

The Strongest Pacifista Type

Facts about Mark III, the Strongest Pacifista in One Piece!

Compared to the Pacifista types that had appeared before, the Mark III was the strongest and most sophisticated. 

This was acknowledged by the CP0 themselves who fought against Pacifista Mark III on Egghead Island. 

According to one CP0 member, Pacifista Mark III is a type of Pacifista whose strength level far exceeds the type of Pacifista that was deployed during the battle at Marineford.

As geeks know, when the navy fought Whitebeard's group they put all their strength into it. 

Pacifista is one of them. 

However, the types that were deployed in the battle were early types such as the PX-2 or even the PX-7. 

Meanwhile, as written on the body, this new type of Pacifista is written PX-III.

Have the Best Defense System

Facts about Mark III, the Strongest Pacifista in One Piece!

Apart from being the strongest, the Mark III is also known to have the strongest defense system ever. They are equipped with a defense system known as the 'Buble Shield'.

The Pacifista will issue a kind of bubble from his hand, in which the bubble is able to withstand any attack. 

This can be seen from the CP0 troops who were unable to penetrate the bubble.

According to information from CP0, the 'Buble Shield' is the strongest defense system ever created by Vegapunk. 

This is interesting because it means that the Mark III will be very difficult to beat or destroy. 

However, what then becomes a question is whether this defense system is also applied by Vegapunk to Seraphim's body?

Stronger Weapon System

Facts about Mark III, the Strongest Pacifista in One Piece!

And the last fact that emerges from the Pacifista Mark III is that they have a more powerful weapon system than the previous type. 

The weapons owned by Mark III are not shown in chapter 1074, but at the beginning of the chapter we see how the many fallen CP0 troops and destroyed buildings show that the strength of their weapons is not trivial.

Pacifista itself is known to have a monotonous weapon system. 

They are capable of shooting powerful lasers from their hands or from their mouths. 

This can be seen from the old types such as the PX-0 or other types that have appeared in the story. 

However, the Mark III may have a more formidable arsenal which made CP0 troops decide to surrender rather than face the Pacifista.

As one of the strongest human weapons, Pacifista is deliberately designed to be a terrible 'killing machine'. 

They are equipped with a defense system and also very powerful weaponry. 

However, as it turns out, Vegapunk also created another kind of Pacifista. 

And in chapter 1074, we then see how this newest type is the most up-to-date from the previous type. 

It will be interesting to see how this Pacifista continues.

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