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5 Shounen Anime Characters Who Almost Never Win

5 Shounen Anime Characters Who Almost Never Win

In the world of anime, the forces of good almost always win the battle over evil. 

However, these anime characters who become heroes must face various obstacles. 

It's never even easy before being able to get strength as a tool to win the fight. 

Therefore, they are often expected to defeat every enemy they face.

However, there are some exceptions. 

For example, even some of the strongest heroes that exist in shounen anime can't always win. 

Even if they were really strong, they couldn't afford to guarantee victory. 

This can happen for many reasons, from underestimating the enemy to fighting half-measures. 

These five shounen anime characters who almost never win are one of the proofs. 

Who are they?

1. Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

5 Shounen Anime Characters Who Almost Never Win

Born as a member of the Saiyan Royal family, Vegeta has the right to become the next king's successor. 

However, he was faced with such a disadvantage that he chose to serve Frieza in the end. 

He has been blessed with immense strength, but he still experiences defeat when competing with his biggest rival, Son Goku. 

Therefore, he must try hard to balance Goku's strength.

It seems, Vegeta always embraces defeat in most of the fights even though he is classified as one of the really strong people in the Dragon Ball Z series. 

When he has to fight famous fighters in some big fights, he almost never freezes his opponent while saying that he is a figure. 

When he has to fight famous fighters in some big fights, he almost never beats anyone

He is indeed strong, but he cannot defeat fate.

2. Genos (One-Punch Man)

5 Shounen Anime Characters Who Almost Never Win

Genos is a cybrog and an S-rank hero. 

He was given body modifications by Dr. Kuseno Hakase, a figure who wants to provide assistance for him in the mission he is about to do. 

Before meeting Saitama, he had only thought about revenge most of his life. 

He started to change after Saitama showed him the truth that life isn't just a fight.

After seeing Saitama's strength, Genos is determined to reach the same level. 

He begs Saitama to accept him. 

Even though it didn't go his way, he realized that his persistence had paid off. 

He is also one of the most highly ranked heroes in the One-Punch Man series, but he is rarely seen winning battles. 

In most cases, he was defeated, even his body ended up in a terrible state.

3. Eustass Kid (One Piece)

5 Shounen Anime Characters Who Almost Never Win

Eustass Kid is the captain of the Kid Pirates and a member of the Worst Generation. 

He made his debut in the Sabaody Archipelago arc when he fought Marines alongside Trafalgar Law and Monkey D. Luffy. 

He is also armed with the Jiki Jiki no Mi, a very strong paramecia-type devil fruit. 

With this devil fruit, he has the power to control magnetic forces.

Because of that power, Eustass experienced a revival and became one of the most famous pirates in the world. Sadly, he lost most of the fight. 

For example, when he fought Shanks, he was so humiliated that he lost a hand. 

He was also locked up and beaten when he faced Kaido. 

Not only that, when he is in a fight against Big Mom, he tends to depend on Trafalgar Law.

4. Neji Hyuuga (Naruto)

5 Shounen Anime Characters Who Almost Never Win

He is considered a prodigy of the Hyuuga Clan. 

When Neji Hyuuga was young, he had mastered the Byakugan, even his skills were comparable to those of the Hyuuga elders. 

He is also one of the favorites to win the Chūnin Exams. 

After defeating Hinata Hyuuga, he looked like someone with great power that could no longer be contained.

When fighting Naruto Uzumaki, Neji had tried everything in his power to subdue the boy. 

However, he failed. 

He also tries to maintain his reputation as a fearsome fighter even though he almost never wins. 

For example, when he was in a fight against Kidomaru, he had to rely on his opponent's courage to win. 

Finally, he had a disastrous end in Naruto: Shippuden.

5. Caesar Zeppeli (Jojo's Bizzare Adventure)

5 Shounen Anime Characters Who Almost Never Win

Caesar Zeppeli is one of Joseph Joestar's main allies in Battle Tendency. 

When he met Joseph for the first time, he felt tension, and vice versa. 

However, this was resolved over time. 

Since then, he has started to think of Joseph as his friend, especially when he trained under Lisa Lisa with the boy. 

The friendship between him and Joseph started to develop for the better.

Caesar's abilities increased, so did Joseph's, they could even beat the supervisor without any problems. 

When The Pillar Men's location was confirmed, he decided to attack alone. 

Unfortunately, the carelessness he had done resulted in his life being lost. 

Even though he has superior strength, just like Joseph, he had to accept the defeat that ended up taking his life when he fought alone.

Of the five shounen anime characters who almost never win above, it proves that strength is not always tied to victory. 

No matter how strong they are, if the creators of the anime story or maybe fate aren't kind enough, then they still won't feel more victory.

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