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6 Unique Facts about Sphynx Cats, Not from Egypt and Intelligent Animals

6 Unique Facts about Sphynx Cats, Not from Egypt and Intelligent Animals

Cats are animals that consist of many types, from thick hair to hairless, such as the sphynx cat.

Apart from its unusual shape, it turns out that cats are intelligent animals, you know.

This type of cat also has a unique name, so many think of it as a cat from Egypt.

Even though the origin of this cat race is not from a desert country, you know.

If you are interested in having this animal as a pet, then consider some of the following unique facts.

Unique Sphynx Cat Facts

1. Not Cats from Egypt

When you hear the name of this cat, you will think that the origin of this cat race is Egypt.

Even though this cat actually came from far away from Egypt, namely Canada.

This cat race is known to have first appeared in Toronto in 1966.

The sphynx cat is known to be a cat from a natural genetic mutation which then continues to be developed.

2. Not Completely Bald

Another unique fact about this cat breed is that they are not completely bald sphynx cats.

This cat race actually has hair on its body, it's just that it's very thin.

In fact, this cat's fur is so thin that it can't be felt by the touch of the hand, you know.

3. Have Many Colors

This cat with very thin fur still has several types of colors, you know.

The color on the body of a sphynx cat comes from the pigment in the skin.

Even the sphynx cat has a variety of color patterns like the hairy cat in general.

4. Don't like to be left alone

If you want to keep this type of cat, it's best to get to know the nature of this animal well.

Sphynx cat is a type of animal that does not like to be left alone.

When left alone for long periods of time, the sphynx cat will feel pressured and take dangerous actions that can damage furniture in the house.

5. Treatment is not easy

Not having thick fur does not mean that this cat can be treated carelessly.

These cats still require extra care and tend to be more difficult to care for than hairless cats.

Without hair, a sphynx cat cannot easily get rid of the oil on its skin.

So, you need to bathe more regularly.

In addition, the cleanliness of the ears and the whole body of this cat must also be considered.

6. Smart and Loving Cat

The specialty of the sphynx cat is its intelligence so that it can be taught various tricks easily.

In addition, this cat is a cat with a very good social nature.

Even this cat can be very spoiled when with its owner and can blend in well.

Those are six unique facts about the famous sphynx cat without hair until the history of naming.

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