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One Piece: Revealed! Bonney Is a Big Mom Clone?

One Piece: Revealed! Bonney Is a Big Mom Clone?

Jewelry Bonney's figure might not be the daughter of Bartholomew Kuma but rather a clone of the Big Mom figure in the One Piece story. 

The name Jewelry Bonney is one of the important characters that appears in the ongoing Egghead storyline in the manga One Piece. 

Bonney is one of the Worst Generation pirates who was introduced before the timeskip happened.

Having disappeared after the timeskip, Bonney's name then reappears in several story points. 

For example, when trying to save Kuma or when Bonney was defeated by Blackbeard and captured by Akainu. 

There is still a big question for fans about Bonney's origins and past, but some fans believe that she is a clone of Big Mom.

Bonney's Past

One Piece: Revealed! Bonney Is a Big Mom Clone?

As explained above, there is still very little information provided by Oda regarding Bonney's past. 

Some of the things we already know about Bonney is that she is from South Blue, Sorben Kingdom to be precise. 

And the most epic thing is that Bonney turns out to be the daughter of Bartholomew Kuma, although some fans still doubt this.

Bonney may remember spending his childhood with Kuma, leading Bonney to think that Kuma was his father. 

However, the facts also show that Bonney has spent some time in his life living on Egghead Island with Vegapuk. 

In fact, in his past memories there is a small panel that shows Bonney with Kuma in a lab.

Bonney also seems to feel indebted to Kuma, and why this happened is still a mystery. 

Kuma and Bonney have been separated for a long time, but what's interesting is that Bonney has always felt indebted to Kuma. 

It could be, indeed Bonney owed his life to the former Yonko. 

Some fans even argue that there is no physical resemblance between the two.

Indeed, in order to become a father and daughter pair, genetics is not required, such as biological daughters. 

In this case, it could be that Bonney is Kuma's adopted daughter. In essence, some fans feel that there is something strange about their relationship. 

Not to mention the hint that Kuma comes from a unique race, while Bonney doesn't seem to have any advantages like Kuma.

Bonney and Big Mom

One Piece: Revealed! Bonney Is a Big Mom Clone?

What's interesting is that there is one character that actually has a resemblance to the figure of Bonney. 

That figure is Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom. Starting from the physical appearance to the personality is considered very similar to one another. 

For example, they both have pink hair and use similar makeup.

The way to express feelings or feelings is the same between Bonney and Big Mom. 

They are also both characters who have big appetites. 

Devil fruit powers also look similar, where Big Mom can take a person's soul or life ration from his body, while Bonney is able to manipulate or release age rations from people.

With all these similarities, there is speculation that Bonney is a clone of Big Mom. 

This is also probably one big reason why later Kuma didn't want Bonney to see the contents of his memories. 

Because, basically, Bonney was not born naturally like humans. 

Bonney was probably born genetically before being raised and cared for by Kuma like his own daughter.

This speculation seems quite reasonable, especially after Oda also presented information that Stussy was a clone of Miss Bakkin, a former Rocks crew. 

Their appearance is very similar, although there are some differences. 

However, it is a hint that Stussy is indeed a clone of the former Rocks crew.

Another Rocks Crew Clone

One Piece: Revealed! Bonney Is a Big Mom Clone?

With Stussy already being revealed to be Miss Bakkin's clone, speculation that Weevil is a clone of Whitebeard, and speculation that Bonney is a clone of Big Mom, it's not an exaggeration to think that there might be clones of other rock crews that haven't been revealed yet. 

It could be that there are actually some characters who have appeared in the story for a long time who are actually clones, such as Stussy and Bonney.

If you pay attention, how the crew of the former Rocks group became a "source" for creating clones is actually interesting. 

Exactly why the former Rocks crew were chosen as cloning research subjects is still a question mark, but it's possible their reputation is the answer. 

As explained by Sengoku, the Rocks pirate crew is a collection of great people.

They are known to have tremendous power, which makes the Rocks pirate crew feared throughout the seas of One Piece. 

In fact, the World Government itself considers them a major threat that must be eradicated. 

This is the reason historical records about the Rocks group never existed. 

They decided to withhold information about the Rocks group.

Aside from Weevil, Stussy, and Bonney, another possible clone of the Rocks pirate crew is Yamato. 

Yamato's origins are still a mystery, where it is not known who his mother is. 

However, with this information about cloning, it might at least be able to answer that question. 

Vegapunk probably succeeded in creating Yamato from Kaido's DNA, and then Yamato was raised like Kaido's own biological daughter. 

The goal is to replace Kaido as the leader in Wano. 

However, what happened was the opposite where Yamato actually tried to face his father.

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