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One Piece: Why is Haki Stronger than Devil Fruits? Here are 5 Reasons

Devil Fruits and Haki are the two main power systems used in the world of One Piece. Most One Piece characters have at least one of these powers. 

There are also quite a few characters who have eaten Devil Fruits but still use Haki.

Of course, Devil Fruits and Haki have their own strengths and weaknesses. 

On the one hand, Devil Fruits might be better because of their more varied abilities. 

However, on the other hand, Haki has several reasons why this power is stronger than Devil Fruits.

It should be admitted that Devil Fruits have more varied and unique abilities. 

This is different from Haki which is very simple and that's all. Even so, Haki has many advantages that Devil Fruits don't have

Want to know the reason why Haki is stronger than Devil Fruits? Check out the following reviews.

1. Every Devil Fruit ability can be attacked with Haki

Because of his abilities, there are some Devil Fruit users who are immune to physical attacks. 

Luffy, for example, is immune to blunt force attacks because his body is made of rubber. In addition, 

Logia-type Devil Fruit users cannot be touched because they can turn their bodies into natural elements.

Even so, their abilities will be useless if they are attacked by Busoshoku Haki. 

No matter what they are made of, their bodies will still take damage from Haki-based attacks. The only way to overcome this is to have powerful Busoshoku Haki.

2. Users can master all three types of Haki

As we know, Devil Fruit users can only eat one Devil Fruit in their lifetime. If someone eats more than one Devil Fruit, they will die. For reasons that are not yet clear, Blackbeard is the only exception.

Meanwhile, the more Haki mastered, the better. Haki is divided into three types, namely Busoshoku, Kenbunshoku, and Haoshoku Haki. 

While anyone can learn Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku, only certain people can awaken Haoshoku.

When someone masters these three types of Haki, he will get stronger. 

The reason is, they can strengthen their attacks with Busoshoku Haki, predict the future with Kenbunshoku Haki, and intimidate their enemies with Haoshoku Haki.

3. Does not make the user lose the ability to swim

One of the major downsides to eating a Devil Fruit is that the user loses the ability to swim. 

Devil Fruit users will be very weak against sea water so they will drown when swimming in sea water.

Meanwhile, mastering Haki does not make the user lose the ability to swim. Considering that most 

Devil Fruits are used by pirates or Marines who spend most of their time on the water, of course this is one of the biggest weaknesses that Haki users can take advantage of.

4. The ability cannot be disabled

When the World Government catches pirates who use Devil Fruits, they usually handcuff them with Seastone. 

This stone has properties like sea water and is useful for deactivating Devil Fruit abilities. 

By using these handcuffs, the pirate will be powerless.

However, the World Government is in trouble when they catch a Haki-wielding pirate. 

This is because they do not have technology that can disable Haki abilities. Since nothing can weaken them, Haki users can easily run away when they are caught.

5. Used by most strong characters

The Devil Fruit is indeed the first power system introduced in the series. 

Even so, the unique fact is that most of the strongest characters in the series are not Devil Fruit users. Instead, they only use Haki.

The most striking example is the Pirate King, Gol D Roger. Roger became the strongest pirate in the world just by relying on Haki. 

Another example is seen from Monkey D Garp. 

It is said that Garp's strength is on the same level as Roger's and he is also not a Devil Fruit user.

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