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One Piece: Stussy Will Reveal the History of Rocks Pirates?

One Piece: Stussy Will Reveal the History of Rocks Pirates?

The figure of Stussy who turns out to be a clone of the Rocks pirate group might be the one who presents the history of this terrible pirate group in the One Piece story. 

This fact about Stussy is certainly a big surprise for fans. 

The reason is, Oda Sensei more often presents Stussy as a member of CP0 and a terrible character.

As geeks know, the Rocks pirate group is a pirate group that has existed for a long time. 

In fact, they had appeared before Gol D. Roger went to sea. 

The Rocks group is a major threat to the navy and the World Government. 

However, unfortunately, very little information is presented about this group. 

The emergence of new facts about Stussy could be the answer to this.

Stussy Reveals the History of Rocks Pirates

One Piece: Stussy Will Reveal the History of Rocks Pirates?

The name Rocks D. Xebec appeared long before the era of Roger and the Pirate Great Age began. 

However, not much information is known about Rocks. 

His name is known for his cruel, greedy, and terrible nature. 

The cruelty and horror of this pirate group even forced the World Government to "erase" them from history, so that no one would ever know about them.

This is the reason why the majority of marines, especially the young ones, have never known or heard of Rocks. 

The Rocks pirate group has been active for a long time in the world of One Piece. 

According to available information, the Rocks pirate crew existed 40 years before the main story of One Piece and 38 years before Luffy's story began. 

And many big names have joined this group.

Examples are Whitebeard, Big Mom, Shiki, Captain John, Kaido, and several others. 

However, in chapter 1072 yesterday, Oda again revealed another Rocks crew, namely Buckingham Stussy. 

Sound familiar?

This is reasonable, because it turns out that Stussy, known as a member of CP0, is a clone of the pirate. 

This was revealed at the end of the chapter when she attacked Kaku and also when she was about to attack Lucci.

Revealing the fact that Stussy is a clone of one of the Rocks pirate crew is actually a big opportunity for Oda.

Stussy could be a character providing information or rarity about the pirate. 

This is the same as Vegapunk which tells a lot about lost century clues and of course about devil fruit.

Even though Stussy is a clone, it could be that she somehow remembers or has memories of what happened decades ago. 

Moreover, Vegapunk is known to have collaborated with Kuma regarding his power that can change memories, memories, pain, and so on into a tangible form. 

Stussy can come up with a story about Buckingham Stussy, why the Rocks crew was formed, or something else that is not yet known.

Buckingham Stussy Is a Scientist?

One Piece: Stussy Will Reveal the History of Rocks Pirates?

Who Buckingham Stussy really is is still a big secret. 

This is reasonable considering that her name only appeared in chapter 1072. 

Even so, this has not stopped the fans from presenting various theories and speculations. 

One of the highlights is that there is a possibility that Stussy is also a scientist like Vegapunk.

This speculation is not without reason indeed. 

There are several things that appear and are considered to be a clue. 

For example, in the cover story of the last chapter we saw all the members of MADS. 

We see the younger versions of Vegapunk, Caesar Clown, Vinsmoke Judge, Queen, and there is a mysterious female figure. 

In appearance, she looks similar to Stussy.

However, it could be Buckingham Stussy who was a former member of the Rocks pirate crew. 

This is what then becomes one of the clues that underlies the speculation above. 

The reason is, it is impossible for Vegapunk to clone Buckingham Stussy without her knowledge and approval. 

This means that Buckingham Stussy is very familiar with Vegapunk or MADS.

Besides Buckingham Stussy being a scientist who joined MADS, maybe Vegapunk has a special connection with Buckingham Stussy. 

Just like Kuma, who finally agreed to have his memories removed and made real, this could also be the case with Buckingham Stussy. 

Vegapunk begged that she would be made a test subject and agreed.

Rocks Want to Research Devil Fruits?

One Piece: Stussy Will Reveal the History of Rocks Pirates?

Assuming that Buckingham Stussy is Rocks' group, maybe many One Piece fans are wondering why Rocks needs a scientist? 

Like Franky or Usopp, Buckingham Stussy is "Franky" and "Usopp" for the pirate group. 

He might get the task of creating and researching various epic things, where one of them could be a devil fruit.

Speaking of devil fruits, it could all be related to what happened during the God Valley incident. 

Actually, it is still a mystery what later became the initial reason for the battle to break out. 

However, from some of the details presented, at the time of the incident it was suspected that the marines were protecting the Celestial Dragons. 

They protect the celestial dragons from the attacks of the Rocks.

What was Rocks' goal on the island is still a mystery. 

However, the speculation is that they might want to find and research a devil fruit before their efforts are stopped. 

Considering Rocks' dream is to rule the world, this seems quite reasonable. 

And then his determination was continued by Blackbeard, who kept looking for devil fruit to make his crew stronger.

It could be that Buckingham Stussy has the same dream about uncovering the big secret of the devil fruit. 

Is she still alive then? 

Where is she? 

For that, we still have to wait for the continuation of the story in the future.

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