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 One Piece chapter 1072 Spoiler: Another Rock Crew Revealed, Who Is He?

Chapter 1072 takes the theme "Memory Ability".

The cover story continues on the mad scientist group MADS.

There is also Queen, Vinsmoke Judge, and Caesar Clow who are making weapons.

This chapter also tells a little about the past.

Dr. Vegapunk explained that Kuma has the power to turn unreal objects into real things.

For example like when he did during Thriller Bark.

He collected Luffy's pain and put it on Zoro's body.

Back to the present time, the other CP0 members, continue the fight between Zoro and Kaku.

Kaku used his awakened form, but Zoro still dominated this battle.

It is revealed here that another member of CP0, Stussy, is a clone of Miss Bakkin.

Miss Bakkin is a short, elderly female figure who accompanies the former Shichibukai, Edward Weevil.

He also said that Weevil is the son of Edward Newgate aka Shirohige.

Surprisingly, Miss Bakkin turned out to be a member of the legendary Pirate, Rocks.

He was on the same ship with Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom, Shikki and Captain John.

Let's wait for the continuation next week, January 22nd.

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