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 One Piece: 5 Most Underrated Devil Fruits

In the One Piece story, devil fruit is a fruit that can give power to the eater.

Some of the strongest characters in the series are Devil Fruit users, such as Whitebeard, Blackbeard, and Monkey D. Luffy are devil fruit eaters.

While each Devil Fruit has unique abilities, there are some Devil Fruits that have immense potential. 

Unfortunately, whether because of the plot or the users who are not good at utilizing their abilities, some of these Devil Fruits are very underrated.

Here are some underrated devil fruits.

1. Hobi Hobi no Mi

There's no doubt that Sugar's Hobi Hobi no Mi is the most damaged Devil Fruit ever in the series. 

How not, this Devil Fruit gives Sugar the ability to turn anyone she touches into a toy.

To make matters worse, the person he turned into a toy would be forgotten by everyone. 

No matter how famous that person was, the memory of them would fade away when they were changed by Sugar. 

Unfortunately, this Devil Fruit didn't get much attention from the series despite its ability to play an important role in the Donquixote Pirates' underworld business.

2. Bari Bari no Mi

The Bari Bari no Mi was first eaten by Kurozumi Semimaru. 

However, after his death, this Paramecia-type Devil Fruit fell into Bartolomeo's hands. 

Bari Bari no Mi's ability is actually very simple, but very powerful and useful.

This Devil Fruit allows the user to create a very strong barrier. 

This barrier was impenetrable by any attack, including attacks by someone as strong as Kozuki Oden. 

With his extraordinary strength, it's a shame because the series doesn't really explore the power of this Devil Fruit.

3. Bara Bara no Mi

If not used by Buggy, Bara Bara no Mi will actually become a very powerful Devil Fruit. 

This Devil Fruit ability is very useful both in mobility and in combat. 

Bara Bara no Mi itself allows the user to split his body into several parts.

With this ability, Buggy is immune to sword slashes. 

This makes Buggy should be able to win the battle with swordsmen because their attacks are useless. 

Not only that, this Devil Fruit ability also seems to allow Buggy to fly.

4. Mero Mero no Mi

Mero Mero no Mi is Boa Hancock's Devil Fruit which she ate when she was still a slave. 

This Devil Fruit gives Hancock the ability to turn anyone who lusts after her into stone. 

Not only that, Hancock also has a move that allows her to turn anything into stone, including people who are not interested in her, even inanimate objects.

Recently, it was revealed that Blackbeard is also after this Devil Fruit. 

This proves that the Mero Mero no Mi seems to have greater power than what has been shown. It's a shame this Devil Fruit is so underrated because it doesn't have physical attack abilities.

5. Hana Hana no Mi


Hana Hana no Mi is a Devil Fruit eaten by the Straw Hat archaeologist, Nico Robin. 

This Devil Fruit allows Robin to grow his body parts on any surface, including his own body. 

It may sound like a useless ability, but this Devil Fruit actually has a lot of potential.

With this Devil Fruit ability, Robin can grow thousands of body parts or turn into a giant who can deliver powerful attacks to his enemies. 

Not only that, Robin can also give a surprise attack by growing his body parts on his enemy's body.

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