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 One Piece 1072 Spoiler: Will Be an Important Figure Who Dies, Who Is He?

In the circulating One Piece 1072 Spoilers, it seems that the mangaka Oda Sensei has presented many battles between Garp and Blackbeard.

Apart from that, Oda provided another clue about an important character who will die in 2023.

The battle in the One Piece story can even be considered a Battle Royale battle.

In fact, it becomes one of the big battles as a sign of the end of the One Piece manga story.

Therefore there will be an important figure who dies to strengthen the main story of One Piece which must be done to trigger the peak of the conflict needed before the story ends.

However, Oda sensei also hoped that this would not happen, as Ace's death left deep scars for One Piece fans.

Especially if later it turns out that the dead figure is one of the characters in the battle between Garp and Blackbeard.

Because both of them are important protagonists and antagonists in the One Piece story so far.

On the other hand, in the spoiler chapter 1072 One Piece, the fight between CP0 and the Straw Hat crew is increasingly dominated by Luffy and friends.

That's a little leak regarding the next chapter.

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