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One Piece 1072 Spoilers Reddit: Aokiji Help Garp Against Blackbeard!

One Piece 1072 Spoilers Reddit: Aokiji Help Garp Against Blackbeard!

The figure of former admiral Aokiji alias Kuzan might help Garp in his plan to save Koby and even defeat Blackbeard. 

Aokiji is a former admiral who has tremendous power, just like other admirals. 

He is a figure who greatly respects Luffy's grandfather, Garp. 

Aokiji idolized Garp because he was considered to have his own way of upholding justice.

Even though Aokiji doesn't like pirates, he wants to catch them in a clean and moral way. 

That's the reason Aokiji entered the Marines and changed the system which he thought was wrong. 

After Sengoku's resignation, Aokiji and Akainu tried to fight for the seat of Marine leader. 

However, Aokiji had to lose the struggle.

After losing to Akainu, Aokiji chose to leave the navy and decided to join the Blackbeard pirate group. 

Aokiji still seems to have big plans to uphold justice in his own way, like his idol, Garp, in carrying out his mission to save Koby. 

In fact, Aokiji can also help Garp defeat Blackbeard.

Aokiji Help Garp

One Piece 1072 Spoilers Reddit: Aokiji Help Garp Against Blackbeard!

After the kidnapping of Koby by Blackbeard, there seems to be no significant action from the navy. 

They tend to ignore it, as if nothing had happened. 

Helmeppo and Hibari themselves have been trying to find ways to help Koby, such as asking SWORD officials for help. 

However, it seems that they can't do much about X Drake, which is still mysterious.

The surprise then appeared in chapter 1071, where it turned out that Helmeppo and Koby's mentor, Monkey D. Garp, began to move to save Koby. 

For now, Garp is just moving on his own without having any help except for his crew and also Helmeppo. 

This then became the reason Garp went to G-14 and met vice admiral Doll.

Garp asked part of his fleet to help save Koby even though Doll refused the request. 

With at least Garp's reinforcements to save Koby, the question then is whether there will be other parties helping to save Koby? 

One character who has the opportunity to do this is Aokiji aka Kuzan.

Currently, his whereabouts are still a mystery after successfully kidnapping Pudding from Whole Cake Island. 

It is unknown whether Kuzan is on Beehive Island at this time. 

Even so, there is a possibility that Aokiji will provide his own version of assistance to save Koby. 

For example, providing duplicate handcuff keys or making the handcuffs less strong.

Seeing what Aokiji did to Jaguar D. Saul 22 years ago, where he allowed Saul not to die, it's not impossible that he would do the same thing to Koby. 

Aokiji is just waiting for the right moment to help Garp save Koby, when he comes to Beehive Island and starts wreaking havoc there.

Is this what Oda meant?

One Piece 1072 Spoilers Reddit: Aokiji Help Garp Against Blackbeard!

In the Jump Festa 23 event yesterday, Eiichiro Oda again presented a message for fans. 

As usual, at the end of his message, Oda gave a hint about what will happen next in the One Piece series. 

According to him, there will be a big battle royale fight that will happen and he hopes that no one will die in the fight.

There is a lot of speculation among fans who then think what kind of battle royale battle will take place and where. 

Most fans assume that this will happen soon on Egghead Island, where Luffy might fight Rob Lucci and Kizaru. 

Not to mention Kaku's fight against Zoro and the possibility of another fight.

It could be that what Oda meant by the battle royale battle will take place on Beehive Island. As we know, Beehive is an island that is a paradise for pirates. 

This means that there will be a lot of pirates gathered there. 

And Garp himself in chapter 1071 said if he would finish off the pirates on the island. 

Aokiji might join forces with Garp to finish off the pirates, including Blackbeard's crew.

Aokiji's Plans From A Long Time Ago?

One Piece 1072 Spoilers Reddit: Aokiji Help Garp Against Blackbeard!

Betraying Blackbeard and his crew may have been part of Aokiji's plans for a long time. 

Why is that? 

One of the reasons is because of the possibility that Aokiji is part of SWORD, as many have speculated. 

In speculation that is widely circulating, it is stated that Aokiji deliberately decided to join Blackbeard's group.

Kuzan never agreed with all the existing systems in the navy and the World Government. 

He thought that the philosophy of absolute justice was something that could not be justified. 

Moreover, many innocent people who became victims, an example is the incident of the destruction of Ohara. 

How the World Government acts and works is one of the reasons for Kuzan's withdrawal from the navy.

Kuzan himself then deliberately joined Blackbeard, in order to dig up various important information that existed. 

Moreover, Blackbeard also had the desire to become a pirate king. 

Aokiji may have been planning for a long time and joining Blackbeard was part of that grand plan. 

Perhaps, Garp's appearance on Beehive Island will reveal what kind of plan Aokiji has prepared.

Joining Aokiji with Garp might be his way of helping to save Luffy and Nico Robin. 

Until now, Aokiji has never shown any hostility towards the Straw Hats. 

He is more focused on his own plan which we still don't know. 

It could be, Aokiji will help Luffy defeat the World Government and uphold true justice. 

Let's just wait for the big surprise from Aokiji in the upcoming chapter.

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