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One Piece: A Sign of Kizaru's Betrayal Beginning?

One Piece: A Sign of Kizaru's Betrayal Beginning?

The figure of Admiral Kizaru might become another navy traitor to the World Government in the story in the One Piece manga series. 

This is likely to happen after he saw what happened on Egghead Island, especially what happened to Sentomaru. 

Kizaru might betray himself by becoming Rob Lucci's opponent.

Currently, the One Piece manga series is focusing on the events that took place on Egghead Island. 

Many interesting things have emerged in this new arc, such as the revelation of the mystery of the devil fruit. 

In chapter 1069 yesterday, we also saw the epic battle between Luffy and Rob Lucci. 

This fight will probably be the moment how Admiral Kizaru becomes another traitor to the Marines.

Luffy and Rob Lucci's Fight

One Piece: A Sign of Kizaru's Betrayal Beginning?

The fight between Luffy and Lucci actually happened in the Enies Lobby arc. 

At that time, Lucci was still a member of CP9, and had a mission to kidnap Nico Robin and steal Pluton's blueprints. 

Seeing his colleagues being kidnapped, Luffy then moves with the other Straw Hats to save Robin. 

And there he declared war on the World Government and CP9.

The battle between the two became one of the most epic battles in the entire One Piece series, where Oda really brought something extraordinary. 

Simply put, Oda was able to meet the high expectations of the fans. 

Even though he was overwhelmed, in the end, it was Luffy who emerged victorious in the battle thanks to his Gear ability.

The two of them then met again on Egghead Island and finally fought again as shown in chapter 1069 yesterday. 

However, the battle this time was clearly different where both of them now had increased strength. 

For example, they both have managed to awaken their devil fruit powers. 

Even so, again, Luffy's strength still seems too strong for Lucci, especially with the use of Gear 5.

Maybe, it didn't take long for Lucci to conquer Luffy. 

However, while they were fighting, Sentomaru then appeared with three Seraphim. 

The situation started to get interesting because Vegapunk expected his appearance. 

Sentomaru himself owes a debt of gratitude to Vegapunk for saving his life when he was starving.

Sentomaru became one of the parties that was able to control the Seraphim.

Lucci felt that his appearance could be a way to reverse the situation. 

And this is proven at the end of chapter 1069 where Lucci attacks Sentomaru without hesitation. 

The fate of Sentomaru himself may have survived with serious injuries, although it is also possible that he died as a result of his attack.

Will Kizaru Betrayal?

One Piece: A Sign of Kizaru's Betrayal Beginning?

Chapter 1069 yesterday also showed how Akainu gave permission for Kizaru to go to Egghead Island to help CP0. 

Out of all the Straw Hat crew members, the only chance to face an admiral so far is Luffy. 

In the Sabaody arc they once faced the admiral, but they only became the butt of it.

Readers may wonder what Sentomaru and Kizaru's connection was that made him betray the World Government. 

In the Sabaody arc, it is also known that Kizaru and Sentomaru have a good relationship. 

Sentomaru considers Kizaru to be an "uncle" in the navy, and the same thing is shown by Kizaru to Sentomaru.

Based on this, speculation arose where Kizaru might betray by attacking Rob Lucci as well as CP0. 

He probably did this after knowing what happened to Sentomaru or after he saw how he was. 

Kizaru himself is known to adhere to the ideology of "Unclear Justice", which means he does not side with any ideology or doctrine. 

Because of that, there is a possibility that Rob Lucci will later become the butt of Kizaru after seeing what happened to Sentomaru.

Another Scenario

One Piece: A Sign of Kizaru's Betrayal Beginning?

Apart from the possibility that Kizaru will turn traitor by killing Rob Lucci after seeing what happened to Sentomaru, there are also other scenarios that could happen next. 

What's the scenario? 

When Kizaru comes and sees the condition of his "nephew", he will probably help Luffy to finish Rob Lucci - even though Luffy himself is capable of killing him himself.

However, after Rob Lucci was defeated, Kizaru still would not remain silent when he saw one of the Yonko in front of him. 

As Stussy mentioned, special permission is required to face a Yonko. 

The permission itself comes from the Gorosei. 

Why? Because, the conflict that occurs can trigger a very large war.

However, the situation on Egghead Island might be different which is where Kizaru will end up fighting Luffy too. 

The system is much like Battle Royale, where everyone beats each other. 

For now, we still don't know what big plans the navy has prepared. 

However, this strategy may have a big impact in the future.

If then this second scenario really happens, then this will be an interesting arc that might finally show what the strength of an admiral and Kizaru is. 

And as appeared in the previous article, apart from Luffy, Sanji also has the opportunity to become Kizaru's opponent.

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