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One Piece: Devil Fruit and Voice of All Things Are Connected?

One Piece: Devil Fruit and Voice of All Things Are Connected?

Vegapunk's explanation about devil fruit and dreams that appeared in the latest chapter yesterday could be a clue about the connection between devil fruit and Voice of All Things. 

In fact, perhaps this explanation is also a clue as to what the Voice of All Things really is. 

Chapter 1069 yesterday became one of the phenomenal and extraordinary chapters throughout the One Piece series.

In that chapter, the secret of the devil fruit that was stored for 25 years during the series is finally revealed. 

Even so, there are still several other mysteries that are still a big question mark. 

What's interesting is that there has been speculation that the devil fruit might have a connection with the mysterious power of the Voice of All Things.

Dreams in the World

One Piece: Devil Fruit and Voice of All Things Are Connected?

In chapter 1069, Vegapunk explains to the Straw Hats that everything in the world is a dream or starts from a dream. 

In other words, what they use, what they eat, and so on comes from human desires or big dreams. 

And what's interesting, according to Vegapunk, this dream is also the basis for creating a devil fruit.

In his explanation, the devil fruit is probably the result of evolution from the greatest human desire to be able to do something or realize what they want. 

And all the abilities or powers of the devil fruit that have appeared in the One Piece story until now, are an illustration of that desire. 

There are interesting facts that emerge from this.

In the Japanese version, when Vegapunk explains "all things" in his dialogue he uses the word "万物 (banbutsu)".

What's interesting is that this word is the same as the word used in "Voice of all Things" namely "万物の声 (banbutsu no koe)".

This is what later became the basis for speculation about the connection between the devil fruit and the Voice of All Things.

Connected with devil fruit?

One Piece: Devil Fruit and Voice of All Things Are Connected?

The Voice Of All Thing or the voice of the universe is a unique ability, which was introduced in the One Piece series. 

Unfortunately, until now Eiichiro Oda still doesn't want to provide more information about this ability. 

Therefore, there is no clear or detailed explanation of what this Voice Of All Things actually is.

Based on what is shown in the story, Voice Of All Things is an ability that not everyone has. 

Someone who has this ability or power can hear any sound in the world of One Piece. 

They can hear other living things besides humans, or what's even more powerful is that the Voice Of All Things can make someone hear inanimate objects, for example Poneglyphs.

So far, only a few people are known to have this power, namely Roger, Oden, Luffy, and Momonosuke. 

It is still unknown what are the "requirements" or things for someone to be able to have this ability. 

Seeing which characters have this ability, it can be assumed that only those who have a strong will or have something special in themselves can use it.

How Vegapunk's explanation of human dreams and devil fruits using the same word as the Voice of All Things is thought to be a hint that there could be a connection between the two abilities. 

So far, in the One Piece series itself, it is known that Oda often uses the same word to describe something.

For example, about Sanji and Zoro being the "wings of the pirate king" that Oda had presented in the SBS column or even in the main story. 

Based on this, it is not impossible that the Voice of All Things has a connection with a devil fruit. 

But, of course, this still needs further confirmation.

What does it mean?

One Piece: Devil Fruit and Voice of All Things Are Connected?

As mentioned above, the Voice of All Things is still very mysterious. 

We still don't know what these powers really are, where they come from, and what sounds they hear. 

And speaking of the voices heard by the owner of this power, based on the explanation above, it could be that these voices are dreams or desires of all things or living things.

What does it mean? For example, in the previous chapter when Roger and Oden were underwater they heard a mysterious sound that was known to be from the Sea Kings monsters. 

They mentioned the appearance of a new Joy Boy and also Poseidon in the next 10 years. 

The Sea Kings seemed very enthusiastic and couldn't wait for this to happen.

From this conversation, we can conclude that the Sea Kings have a desire to meet and be controlled by the new Joy Boy, whom they regard as their savior. 

Apart from that, the Sea Kings also wanted to meet Poseidon who would be born in 10 years, who we now know as Shirahoshi.

So, in conclusion, the use of the same Japanese word for "all things" in Vegapunk's conversation about the devil fruit and the Voice of All Things is causing speculation. 

It is possible that these two strengths or abilities are connected to one another. 

The voices heard by users of the Voice of All Things are probably the living beings' greatest dreams or desires.

On the other hand, this may also be the reason why Luffy was able to communicate with Law's pirate crew while he was drowning as well as Momonosuke. 

And this is also probably the reason why Momonosuke can communicate with Zunesha.

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