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One Piece 1070 Spoilers: The Rocks Pirates Arrive in Egghead!

One Piece 1070 Spoilers: The Rocks Pirates Arrive in Egghead!

In the next chapter, it is estimated that Luffy will still be dealing with Lucci.

Lucci had defeated Sentomaru in an instant to gain access to the Seraphim.

Seraphim is a very powerful weapon of world government.

But there seems to be a new surprise in One Piece 1070.

It could be that Luffy will fight with the Legendary Pirate Rock D. Xebec.

Being one of the mysterious figures in the world of One Piece, there is a possibility if Rocks D. Xebec is still alive and ready to fight against Monkey D. Luffy. 

This is based on a theory that has emerged among fans, which states that Rocks may have been in the hands of the World Government. 

Besides, it's also possible that he wasn't actually dead.

Known as the cruelest and most terrible pirate in all the seas, Rocks D. Xebec is a pirate who has received the attention of the World Government and the navy long before Gol D. Roger. 

However, in a devastating event that occurred 38 years ago, Rocks was finally declared dead. 

There is a theory that states that there is a possibility that Rocks is actually still not dead. 

How did it happen?

Who Rocks D. Xebec?

One Piece 1070 Spoilers: The Rocks Pirates Arrive in Egghead!

The name Rocks D. Xebec appeared long before the era of Roger and the Pirate Great Age began. 

However, very little information is known about Rocks. 

His name is known for his cruel, greedy, and terrible nature. 

The cruelty and horror of the Rocks pirate group even forced the World Government to "erase" them from history, so that no one would ever know about this figure.

This is the reason why the majority of marines, especially the young ones, have never known or heard of Rocks. 

The Rocks pirate group has been active for a long time in the world of One Piece. 

According to available information, the Rocks pirate crew existed 40 years before the main story of One Piece and 38 years before Luffy's story began.

Their strength is very powerful, even with such powerful strength they manage to dominate the ocean for quite a long time. 

Their strength was immense, and their influence was immense, one might even say that Rocks' control over the seas back then was very similar to that of Gol D. Roger at this time. 

One of the reasons why the Rocks are in power is the terrible strength of their crew.

The Rocks pirate group is known for its captain, who is known to have terrible strength. 

However, in addition to the figure of the captain who is already famous, the Rocks group is also known to have a crew that is extremely terrible. 

Examples are Kaido, Charlotte Linlin, Edward Newgate, Wang Zhi, Shiki, and others. 

Some of them later became rulers of the ocean, aka Yonko.

The God Valley Incident that occurred about 38 years ago is considered a historic event. 

It is still not clear what actually happened, but the Rocks group was told to be defeated by a combined navy led by Garp and Roger's group. 

Rocks himself reportedly died in the incident. However, there are those who believe that there is a real possibility that Rocks is still alive and well.

Rocks Still Alive?

One Piece 1070 Spoilers: The Rocks Pirates Arrive in Egghead!

Is the figure of Rocks really dead? What if the real Rocks is still alive? 

It's not uncommon for One Piece fans to see one of Eiichiro Oda's concepts or patterns regarding character death. 

As you know, Oda Sensei rarely kills his characters unless his death will have a big impact on the story.

Apart from rarely killing his characters, Oda Sensei also has a habit of reviving characters who are presumed dead. One recent example is the revelation of the fact that Jaguar D. Saul was still not killed in the Buster Call incident in Ohara 22 years ago. 

In fact, in Nico Robin's flashback, many fans believe that Saul actually died from Aokiji's attack.

Reflecting on this, it is not impossible if then the figure of Rocks is still alive and has not died according to what is being told. 

And there is an interesting theory about this, which states that Rocks is actually trapped and preserved at level 5 of the Impel Down prison. 

In chapter 535, when the Impel Down guards brought Luffy level 5, a frozen figure was seen.

The prisoners in one of the cells then asked about the frozen figure. 

What's interesting is that the prisoner asked, "is he dead or was he deliberately frozen?" 

Apart from the conversation, the appearance of the frozen figure is quite interesting because it bears a resemblance to Rocks. 

Considering that level 5 of Impel Down is a very cold prison, it's only natural that Rocks can be frozen and preserved.

With his awesomeness, you might ask how Rocks managed not to escape from Impel Down. 

The most logical reason is because of the power of the sea stone which is able to neutralize the power of his devil fruit. 

Or perhaps the World Government's side had already taken an action beforehand that prevented him from being able to do anything.

Rocks Becomes a "weapon" of the World Government?

One Piece 1070 Spoilers: The Rocks Pirates Arrive in Egghead!

You might also be curious about why the World Government decided to detain and freeze Rocks. 

In his own theory, it is explained that his strength is the main reason. 

As explained above, Rocks is famous as the ruler of the seas. 

He has also been the captain of many great figures. 

There is only one thing that makes them obedient to Rocks which is none other than his strength.

How Rocks needs to be defeated by two people at the same time is also proof of how powerful his strength is. 

Because of that, it makes sense that the World Government would think that Rocks could be used for their own benefit. 

One of them is facing the alliance of the Straw Hats. 

The World Government is aware that such a moment will occur in the future.

They also need to prepare themselves with "weapons" that can be used. 

And Rocks is a "weapon" that the World Government will use for this. 

When the time comes, they might melt Rocks and force him to fight Luffy. 

And this theory also seems to be in line with other theories or speculations which state that Luffy's last enemy might be Rocks D. Xebec.

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