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One Piece 1070 Spoilers: Dr. Vegapunk Reveals a Big Secret About Luffy's Devil Fruit

In the latest One Piece 1070 spoiler, Dr.Vegapunk surprised fans by divulging a big secret about Luffy's new power.

In the One Piece 1070 spoiler, Dr. Vegapunk, who was asking about the devil fruit possessed by Luffy to Nami, suddenly he told a secret regarding Luffy's strength and devil fruit.

So, what kind of secret did Dr. Vegapunk to Nami? Here's the review.

In One Piece 1070, it has been shown how Luffy uses his devil fruit awakening, namely Hito Hito No Mi Model: Nika to attack Rob Luccy.

Luffy was able to immediately use his Gear 5 ability because he was angry when he saw Dr.Vegapunk Atlas collapsed after being hit by a heavy attack from Rob Luccy.

On the other hand, Dr. Vegapunk, who had managed to meet Nami, Usop, Franky, Robin, and Sanji on the top floor of Punk Record, immediately asked about the new power of Luffy's devil fruit.

Nami and friends, who were watching the battle between Luffy and Rob Luccy through the monitor, answered that they did not know, but Nami had told him that Luffy's transformation was a new power from his devil fruit. 

He got that information from Luffy directly.

Well, suddenly a big secret was revealed by Dr. Vegapunk. He revealed that Luffy's devil fruit, the Gomu Gomu No Mi, was not included in the devil fruit encyclopedia list.

However, Dr.Vegapunk's explanation regarding Luffy's and Nika's devil fruit, the Sun God, stopped there.

From this we can draw the conclusion that the next chapter of One Piece will reveal another big secret about the devil fruit.

Will the facts about the devil fruit be revealed towards the end of the saga?

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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