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One Piece 1069 Spoilers: Luffy Uses Gear 6 to Fight Rob Lucci!

One Piece 1069 Spoilers: Luffy Uses Gear 6 to Fight Rob Lucci!

The appearance of CP0 on Egghead Island might be the trigger for Luffy to activate his Gear 6 in One Piece. 

This will also be Luffy's latest power increase before he then fights against the World Government. 

The increase in strength itself was actually predicted by the fans. 

And with the emergence of Vegapunk and his help, this could actually become a reality.

Monkey D. Luffy is the strongest and most influential figure in the One Piece story. 

Luffy himself has a big dream, which is to become the king of the pirates and find One Piece. 

Currently, Luffy is still trying to make that dream come true. 

The Straw Hats are on the next island, Egghead. And adventure on this island will certainly not be easy.

CP0's appearance in Egghead

One Piece 1069 Spoilers: Luffy Uses Gear 6 to Fight Rob Lucci!

One of the big surprises appeared in chapter 1062 yesterday, where the most elite secret organization belonging to the World Government, CP0, appeared and was sent by the ruler. 

The goal is to kill Vegapunk's life. 

It used to be a mystery, the purpose of the World Government to send CP0 to Egghead Island and kill Vegapunk had something to do with its discovery.

Vegapunk is trying to find a mysterious energy source that existed in ancient times. 

And as it turned out, that made the World Government unhappy. 

Vegapunk is considered to dig too deep, which makes him know a lot about secrets or important information about the energy source which should be a big secret.

CP0 was then sent to Egghead Island to destroy Vegapunk, as happened at Ohara 22 years ago. 

The World Government destroyed the island because the scientists there knew too much, and did not heed warnings not to research the Poneglyphs. 

The appearance of CP0 on Egghead Island is clearly a big threat to all.

CP0 is the most elite and powerful organization of all Cipher Pol. 

And in chapter 1068 we see how powerful Rob Lucci's Rokuogan attack destroyed Atlas very easily. 

Rob Lucci and Kaku were originally part of CP9, but they are the two strongest members. 

Of course, they were chosen to be part of CP0 for a reason. 

Besides that, they have certainly gotten stronger in recent years.

So the Moment of the Appearance of Gear 6?

One Piece 1069 Spoilers: Luffy Uses Gear 6 to Fight Rob Lucci!

With CP0's extraordinary potential for danger, and how Vegapunk's clones can't do much, it means that everything depends on Luffy and the Straw Hats. 

Many say that Luffy's current strength is certainly able to easily defeat Rob Lucci. 

Even though this is not wrong, as mentioned above, they certainly have not remained silent for the past two years.

In chapter 1068, Lucci uses the Rokuogan technique easily without getting tired. 

In fact, in the previous chapter when he fought against Luffy in the Enies Lobby arc, it seemed that Lucci was exhausted from using this technique. 

That is, Rob Lucci has increased his strength level. 

We have to wait to see how far this increase in strength will go.

This also raises speculation if there is a possibility that Luffy will activate or gain the Gear 6 ability to face CP0. 

In the previous article, there was an explanation that many fans speculated that it is likely that Luffy will still have peak abilities from his Gear form. 

This speculation was inspired by gears or vehicle gears, especially cars, where most vehicles have gears up to 6.

In many speculations circulating among fans, Gear 6 will not change much from Gear 5. 

Gear 6 is speculated to be the perfect form of Gear 5. 

The speculation also explains that this will be the final power increase before Luffy faces a powerful enemy like the World Government. 

And the theory also explains that maybe Vegapunk will help Luffy to develop his strength.

Luffy Will Fight All CP0?

One Piece 1069 Spoilers: Luffy Uses Gear 6 to Fight Rob Lucci!

Judging from the situation and conditions in chapter 1068, Luffy has Jinbe and Chopper which means he has 3 people. CP0 that appears alone is 3 people. 

That is, they could have fought one on one in that situation. 

However, in reality, Chopper is not a character that can be relied upon in battle. 

Luffy will probably ask him to take Bonney to the roof of Egghead Island.

That is, only Luffy and Jinbe faced the three CP0. 

Not to mention that they have quite a number of troops, meaning that Luffy and Jinbe are outnumbered. 

Even so, as mentioned above, maybe the appearance of CP0 will be the moment for the awakening of Gear 6. 

With the awakening of Gear 6, it means that Luffy's strength will increase drastically.

Assuming this really happened, Luffy could have faced all of the CP0 members alone. 

CP0's own power level may have increased, but this increase is still below the increase from Luffy's power level. 

So, it seems quite reasonable if then Luffy will be able to finish off CP0 alone. 

Let's just wait, Geeks, whether this scenario will occur in the next chapter.

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