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One Piece 1069: Revealed Who Caused Rayleigh's Eye Injury

Up to chapter 1069, there are many interesting things that have not been revealed in the story of One Piece.

One of them is the character Silver Rayleigh.

One Piece fans are wondering who managed to make the eye wound, considering that Silver Rayleigh had extraordinary strength when he was young.

One Piece fans agree that Silver Rayleigh is called a character who has tremendous power, even his strength is almost on par with Gold D.Roger.

One strong piece of evidence that shows Silver Rayleigh has tremendous power, namely when in chapter 1064 he succeeded in making Blackbeard retreat from Amazon Lily Island.

Even though Blackbeard withdrew, Rayleigh had said that he might have lost against Teach. Given his old age.

If Rayleigh is described as such a strong character, then who managed to make the scar on his eye?

Several theories emerged which stated that the scar was caused by a terrible battle, which Rayleigh had faced.

Many say that the character who is able to make Rayleigh's eyes hurt is Rocks D.Xebec.

This suspicion is reinforced that the incident at God Valley which was not shown, most likely part of Roger's crew also participated in the incident.

But unfortunately the names mentioned in the incident were from Roger's camp, only Monkey D.Garp and Gold D.Roger.

This incident was similar to the incident in Onigashima, even though it was Luffy who defeated Kaido but Zoro helped withstand the Yonkou's attack.

Well, maybe during the incident at God Valley, there was one moment where Rayleigh had to fight directly with Rocks D.Xebec and ended up having to receive an eye injury.

But even though he was injured, Rayleigh was still able to use his eyes to see.

However, there are also those who speculate that the scar on his right eye is the result of his strenuous training to awaken his haki and demonic aura.

Just like Zoro, after the time skip, his left eye has a wound that keeps his eye closed or you could say he's blind.

Many One Piece fans suspect that Zoro's left eye could be injured due to the strenuous training with Dracule Mihawk.

In conclusion, the cause of Rayleigh's eye injury could have been due to a battle with someone or due to an injury sustained during training.

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