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One Piece 1069 Spoiler: Will Vegapunk Become Luffy's Nakama?


Vegapunk is a genius scientist who meets Luffy and friends on Egghead Island.

Vegapunk also holds a research lab created from his own brain. He currently leads his 6 robot creations based on his personality.

In the previous One Piece chapter, Vegapunk asked Luffy to take him out of Egghead Island.

This is because Vegapunk is being targeted by the World Government because of his powerful creation projects, one of which is Seraphim.

Vegapunk created Seraphim from the DNA of several former Shichibukai such as Boa Hancock, Jinbe, Bartholomeuw Kuma, and Mihawk.

Is it true that Vegapunk will be Luffy's next nakama? Check out the following One Piece 1069 spoiler review.

Spoiler One Piece 1069: Vegapunk is targeted by CP0

CP0 has arrived at the Vegapunk Lab using Seraphim's Kuma-like abilities. This made Vegapunk and the Straw Hat Pirates panic.

Among the CP0 members, there is a name that is familiar to Luffy. Kaku and Lucci met Luffy in Water 7. In fact, at the end of One Piece, Luffy met Lucci before.

They once kidnapped Robin in Water 7 to force him to read the Poneglyphs. Robin is from Ohara and has the advantage of translating ancient texts.

The arrival of CP0 intends to kill Vegapunk. Because Vegapunk is considered a threat to the World Government.

CP0 also brought one of the female mobsters who were invited to Big Mom's tea party, namely Stussy.

Stussy knows a lot about the level of security at the Vegapunk Lab. Including the weakness of the robot created by the genius scientist.

This also makes Vegapunk's life threatened. Therefore, he ordered Luffy to escape with him from Egghead Island.

It is unclear where Luffy will take Vegapunk next. However, Vegapunk can be Luffy's most reliable nakama because of his genius.

Vegapunk's status on Luffy's ship most likely created his genius work that helped for the big war at the end of One Piece's story.

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