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One Piece 1069 Reddit Spoilers: Rob Lucci's New Power To Fight Luffy

Latest One Piece Spoilers finally released from Reddit.

Many fans are curious about what will happen in the next chapter 1069.

Rumors are circulating that Rob Lucci has experienced an awakening and has terrible powers.

With his new power, Rob Lucci is claimed to have more power than Kaido.

Rob Lucci himself is the user of the Neko Neko no Mi Devil Fruit, Model: Leopard. It's just a regular Devil Fruit - Zoan type, not an Ancient or Mythical Zoan.

In the One Piece story, it's not only Monkey D Luffy who has experienced an increase in strength, several antagonists have also experienced the same thing.

Rob Lucci also experienced growth in terms of strength. It has been proven that he is currently one of the best Cipher Pol Aegis agents, aka CP0.

With the strength development experienced by Rob Lucci, it is not impossible that Monkey D Luffy will lose the second meeting.

Rob Lucci's fight against Luffy will probably make One Piece fans nostalgic. Because Luffy used to fight Rob Lucci when he was still in CP9.

At that time, Luffy almost lost and was forced to issue Gear 2 and Gear 3. After Gear 3, Luffy's body got smaller and was already moving in a few minutes.

The fight between the two might be fun, but it could also be boring considering they've had fights in the past.

Eiichiro Oda really had to make their fight exciting because the fans didn't want to see Luffy win easily.

Besides, Dr. Vegapunk is supposedly up to something.

Previous chapter Dr. Vegapunk Dr. Vegapunk leaked secrets related to ancient giant robots.

According to him, the robot has existed since 900 years ago and had become a terrible figure when it attacked Mary Geoise 200 years ago.

The ancient giant robot can be active again with great energy from Dr. Vegapunk.

In One Piece 1068, Dr. Vegapunk explains that he wants to create a dynamic energy source.

The energy will be able to move the abandoned ancient giant robot.

Those are some of the latest information regarding One Piece chapter 1069 spoilers sourced from Reddit.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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