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One Piece: Oda Reveals the Tragic Facts of Victoria Punk!

One Piece: Oda Reveals the Tragic Facts of Victoria Punk!

In the One Piece story, the ship belonging to the Kid pirates, Victoria Punk, turns out to have a tragic fact behind its name. 

A pirate certainly needs a ship to start their journey. 

It is not uncommon for someone to start their pirate adventure from a small ship. 

For example, we can see from the figure of Monkey D. Luffy or Gol D. Roger.

Over time, they also began to have ships with much larger sizes. 

However, not infrequently there are also pirates who immediately have a large ship. 

Each of these ships certainly has its own value and history for the owner. 

For example, the Straw Hats' ship, the Going Merry, has a deep history before it was later changed to the Thousand Sunny.

And this too is on board the Victoria Punk.

Kid Pirates Ship

One Piece: Oda Reveals the Tragic Facts of Victoria Punk!

Victoria Punk is a ship that belongs to the Kid Pirates. 

This group of pirates is led by Eustass Kid. 

In terms of design, Victoria Punk really presents a different aura from other ships. 

This ship seems to have a very dark and dark appearance, as if the nuances that appear are in accordance with the Kid pirate group.

From the name of the ship as well as the design, it is proof that Oda Sensei really put the maximum effort into presenting this ship. 

This is evident in how Oda was able to provide changes and further developments for the design of this ship. 

Talking about the design of the ship, we can see how this ship has a giant fish skull.

Meanwhile, on the side there is a dinosaur bone.

There are two main masts on the ship. 

One large pole that serves as a large screen bearing the logo of the Kid group, while a small pole is on the back. 

This small mast is also a place for the ship's sails, and there is also a lookout like the one that appears on the Sunny.

Don't forget the cannons that are stored on the side of the ship. In terms of size, actually this ship is not too big. 

More or less the size is almost similar to the Thousand Sunny. 

Unfortunately, Oda Sensei has never shown how the interior design of Victoria Punk. 

However, overall this ship has a dark and gothic theme which is true to its name.

Etymologically, this ship adapts the Victorian era which is famous for its gothic theme. 

In addition, Victoria itself comes from Spanish which means victory. 

This is an illustration of the figure of Eustass Kid who is thirsty for victory and battle throughout the One Piece series.

Victoria Punk Tragic Facts

One Piece: Oda Reveals the Tragic Facts of Victoria Punk!

Actually, there is a special reason why Kid then named his ship the Victoria Punk. 

Facts about Victoria Punk are revealed in the past story of Kid and Killer in SBS Volume 104 column. 

According to Oda Sensei's explanation, Kid and Killer come from an island that is not affiliated with the World Government in the South Blue region. 

On the island there is no figure of a leader who manages everything.

The island only has a powerful criminal group, where they act as government leaders. 

Once upon a time, Kid and Killer became close friends with a girl named Victoria Shirton Doruyanaika. 

Victoria is a girl that Kid and Killer greatly admire. 

They both like the figure of Victoria.

One day, Victoria suffered a terrible fate where she had to die due to the actions of the criminal group that ruled the island. 

This makes Kid very angry and he plans to avenge Victoria's death. 

After they defeated the criminal group that killed Victoria, Kid decided to leave the island.

He decided to become a pirate, and formed his own group. 

Kid then named the ship they were using the name "Victoria Punk".

This is solely done in order to respect the important figure in his life.

What's also interesting is that Oda's name Victoria Shirton Doruyanaika appeared in the previous two SBS columns, namely Volume 87 and 98. 

In Volume 87 Oda revealed that Victoria was the person who made Kid and Killer hate Udon, because they had been beaten by Victoria because of this. 

It was only in Volume 98 that Oda presented an illustration of the figure of Victoria, and explained that it was their first love.

Resistance Symbol

One Piece: Oda Reveals the Tragic Facts of Victoria Punk!

Although Kid later named his group's ship the Victoria Punk in honor of Victoria, there is another meaning to the name. 

This ship also indirectly became a form of resistance from the residents on the island where Kid came from.

As explained above, that the island where Kid lives is controlled by a criminal group.

The death of Victoria in fact angered Kid, who in the SBS Volume 104 column revealed that he united all the groups on the island to unite against the powerful criminal group. 

And finally the efforts of the Kid succeeded. 

Apart from the name, how Kid then invites Killer, Heat, and Wire to join is another proof of this.

They are all former rivals, considering that all four are leaders of local criminal groups in four different areas of the island where Kid lives. 

How the Kid unites them all, and even then they become the crew of the Kid, is an indirect proof of the resistance that has been carried out in their hometown.

Those are the facts about Victoria Punk. 

With the One Piece series that will be finished in the near future, hopefully Oda can bring more Victoria Punk stories in his story.

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