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One Piece: 5 Descendants of the Strongest Celestial Dragons!

One Piece: 5 Descendants of the Strongest Celestial Dragons!

Although he rarely appears in One Piece stories, there are several characters from the strongest celestial dragon lineage in the story. 

The celestial dragons are the descendants of 20 kingdoms which became the forerunner to the formation of the world ruling organization that we know as the World Government. 

The celestial dragons rarely appear in the story. 

However, they are often described as evil, cruel, and indifferent to others. 

This is because of their status.

Besides rarely appearing in stories, the celestial dragons are also rarely shown fighting. 

Even so, they are considered to have quite a powerful force even though some fans may disagree with this. 

They are strong in their own way. 

Then, who are the strongest celestial dragon descendant characters in the One Piece series?

Donquixote Mjosgard

One Piece: 5 Descendants of the Strongest Celestial Dragons!

The Donquixote family is one of the 20 royal families that make up the World Government. 

The Donquixote family also partially still lives in the Mary Geoise area. 

One of them is Donquixote Mjosgard. 

Actually, Mjosgard's figure was originally no different from other celestial dragons. 

He is an arrogant and arrogant figure.

However, he later changed after seeing how Queen Otohime tried to always keep humans and fishmen in the same position. 

Mjosgard really changed after Otohime died. 

Mjosgard is one of the strongest celestial dragons where he is able to withstand attacks from sea creatures when all of his ship crew died. 

His strength is also quite powerful, as can be seen from how he managed to blow away another celestial dragon in one punch.

Donquixote Rosinante

One Piece: 5 Descendants of the Strongest Celestial Dragons!

Donquixote Rosinante is the second son of Homing.

As the child of one of the celestial dragons, this means that technically Rosinante is also part of that celestial dragon clan. 

However, even so, Rosinante did not grow up in Mary Geoise. 

Instead, he grew up and grew up with ordinary people, with his brother Doflamingo.

Rosinante was then recruited directly by Garp to become a marine, and since joining the navy he has become one of the strongest marine members. 

It was he who shaped and inspired Trafalgar Law. 

He was also the one who let Law eat the Ope Ope devil fruit. 

Ironically he had to die at the hands of his own brother, after his disguise was revealed.

Donquixote Doflamingo

One Piece: 5 Descendants of the Strongest Celestial Dragons!

Donquixote Doflamingo is one of the very popular villains in the One Piece story who is also part of the celestial dragon clan that comes from the Donquixote family. 

He once ruled the Dressrosa area and was also one of the seven sea lords (Shichibukai). 

His figure has been introduced even before the time-skip occurred.

We can see proof of Doflamingo's awesomeness throughout the Dressrosa arc. 

For example, Dofy is an Ito ito no Mi devil fruit eater. He is also a powerful Haki user. 

Doflamingo is one of the most difficult villains that Luffy has faced, which is clear evidence of how powerful Doflamingo's strength is. 

However, after Luffy managed to defeat him he is currently in Impel Down.


One Piece: 5 Descendants of the Strongest Celestial Dragons!

So far, the celestial dragons have not been featured in the story too much. 

Even though so much speculation has developed among fans about other figures who are part of the celestial dragons, one of which is Shanks. 

Shanks is believed to be part of the celestial dragon race for several reasons. 

First, he is highly respected by many parties, even the Gorosei.

Then, in the One Piece Film Red booklet, it is revealed that Shanks is from the Figarland family. 

The Gorosei know this family, which seems to hint that it is one of the royal families that helped form the World Government. 

That is, it is likely that Shanks is also part of the celestial dragon race. 

For the problem of strength, of course, geeks have very well memorized how powerful Shanks is. 

Moreover, if we talk about the power level of Haknya.


One Piece: 5 Descendants of the Strongest Celestial Dragons!

The Gorosei are descendants of the most powerful celestial dragons in the One Piece series. 

They are a group that is part of the World Government consisting of five parents whose names have not been revealed until now. 

The Gorosei were important people in the World Government and held positions that were higher than the common people.

Indeed, to date, we still don't know how strong these five star elders are. 

However, seeing their current position, as well as several other clues such as their scars and weapons, many assume that the Gorosei are the strongest celestial dragons. 

Many fans are looking forward to the actions of the Gorosei that might come true at the end of the story.

The celestial dragons were considered the archenemy of pirates, the D clan, and almost everyone else.

 This is natural considering how arrogant they are, their arbitrariness, and also their arrogance. 

Even so, they are also believed to have very powerful powers as evidenced by several characters that have appeared in the story.

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