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One Piece 1068 Reddit Spoiler: Oda Finally Reveals Dragon Devil Fruit!

One Piece 1068 Reddit Spoiler: Oda Finally Reveals Dragon Devil Fruit!

Eiichiro Oda has brought a number of surprises to One Piece 1068.

Even though One Piece 1068 will be released soon, the secret of Monkey D. Dragon's devil fruit is still tightly sealed.

Oda, on the other hand, has dropped a number of hints about Dragon's devil fruit throughout the story.

So is it true that dragons have the mythical Zoan Thunderbird devil fruit? Here are the spoilers and leaks for One Piece 1068.

At the end of the last chapter, Kuma was shown running away to an unknown place.

In that moment, we got information that, from that moment on, the Revolutionary Army would soon start their war with the World Government.

Unfortunately, even though the war is about to begin, Oda still hasn't shown the true strength of their leader, Monkey D. Dragon.

Luffy's father is said to be the most dangerous person in the One Piece story.

Because Dragon's power is still mysterious, a clue appears stating that he is a devil fruit user.

The world's strongest mythical Zoan devil fruit, of course before Nika's devil fruit.

The clue appeared because of the battle between the Revolutionary Army and the Blackbeard pirates.

As is known, after fighting Sabo in Dressrosa, Burgess followed him back to the Revolutionary Army headquarters.

As soon as he saw their base, Burgess immediately reported back to Blackbeard excitedly.

One enigma here is why Blackbeard wanted to get busy fighting Dragon.

even though, as Blackbeard knows, he doesn't have any problems with Dragon.

One Piece 1068 Reddit Spoiler: Oda Finally Reveals Dragon Devil Fruit!

As a result, the most widely accepted theory is that Blackbeard is attempting to capture Dragon's most powerful mythical Zoan devil fruit.

Even though this is still a mystery at the moment, it is certain that the Dragon Devil Fruit has various abilities.

As far as we know, Dragon has been shown to be able to control wind, lightning, and even rain in an area.

The mythological animal that is most suitable for Dragon's current type of power is the mythical Zoan devil fruit of the Thunderbird type.

According to legend, whenever and wherever Thunderbird is, there will be a storm welcoming its arrival.

This is in accordance with Dragon, where every time he appears, there will always be a storm like what happened in Loguetown.

I don't know what Dragon's intention was to do this, but this is what later became the basis for Oda's hint that he has a devil fruit power that can control the weather.

Thunderbird is a mythological creature from a Native American tribe that has the ability to control the weather, as well as transform into a human.

That is in line with the working system of the mythical Zoan-type devil fruit, where humans can turn into hybrid forms.

When viewed from the character design perspective, Dragon looks very similar to one of the Native American tribes.

One of the most notable clues is the tattoo he has on his face.

If you look closely, the tattoos used by Dragon are similar to those of the American Indians.
The Indians are the original inhabitants of the American continent and are native people who actually inhabited the continent long before the Europeans came.

But unfortunately, the Indians received bad treatment from the colonialists and finally had to fight to defend their own homeland.

One Piece 1068 Reddit Spoiler: Oda Finally Reveals Dragon Devil Fruit!

Dragon wants to free the world from the grip of the world government, just like the Indians want to be free from European colonialism.

Another interesting thing about Dragon is that his devil fruit is speculated to have a connection with Sky Island.

Wyper's tattoo, who lives in Shandora, is very similar to Dragon's tattoo.

It was also a hint from Oda that Dragon most likely did have connections with the residents of Sky Island.

Dragon may have helped them, or the tattoo on his face is a form of respect for them.

Because if you pay attention when he meets Dr. Vegapunk at Ohara, Dragon still doesn't have a tattoo on his face.

Even his arrival in Ohara had not been accompanied by the usual wind and storm.

Thus the discussion of One Piece 1068 leaks and spoilers regarding the Dragon fruit.

It will be interesting to wait for One Piece 1068 and confirmation from Oda as to whether Dragon's devil fruit is the mythical Zoan Thunderbird.

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