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One Piece 1068 Spoilers Reddit: Ancient Robot Will Rise!

One Piece 1068 Spoilers Reddit: Ancient Robot Will Rise!

The appearance of an ancient robot in the previous chapter in the One Piece manga series seems to be more than just a complement. 

Because, the robot turned out to have a long history and was even involved in a major event. 

As you know, this ancient robot first appeared in chapter 1065 yesterday when Luffy, Bonney, Jinbe, and Chopper were at the disposal site for Vegapunk's inventions.

The robot looks old and rusty. 

There was also a large iron stuck in the middle of his body. 

This also managed to make the fans curious about the robot. 

Many speculations arose regarding the ancient robot, but in the end the actual information regarding the robot appeared in chapter 1067.

History of Ancient Robots

One Piece 1068 Spoilers Reddit: Ancient Robot Will Rise!

According to Vegapunk's explanation in chapter 1067, the ancient robot was first made 900 years ago. 

However, it's a shame that Vegapunk doesn't know where it came from or whether this is also one of the technologies created by the Ancient Kingdom. 

Apart from not knowing its origins, Vegapunk doesn't know what the purpose of making it is and the mission of the giant robot.

Then, he explained that 200 years ago the robot went to the Red Line and attacked the Mary Geoise area. 

The ancient robot attack made everyone panic and fear. 

The reason is, at that time, there was no advanced technology capable of creating such sophisticated and extraordinary robots. 

Unfortunately, before the mission is completed the robot then runs out of resources.

The World Government ordered to destroy the robot, but because of great curiosity, ancient researchers and scientists decided to hide it. 

Vegapunk himself still doesn't know what is the source of the robot's power. Even so, maybe there are two things that can restore the robot's function.

Nika's Sun/Fire Power

One Piece 1068 Spoilers Reddit: Ancient Robot Will Rise!

In chapter 1065, one of Vegapunk's clones, Lilith, explains that Vegapunk is still looking for a resource, namely eternal fire.

He explains that all of the technology and modern things that exist on Egghead Island originate from fire, or are powered by fire. 

Vegapunk himself is still looking for the existence of "eternal flame" or "eternal flame" to become a source of technology.

As we know, Gear 5 Luffy has extraordinary fire power. Besides that, Nika is also a sun god, which means that Luffy has what Vegapunk needs. 

Based on that, by using Nika's power, Luffy will be able to revive the ancient robot. 

Using the eternal fire from Nika's power as a power source to resurrect the ancient robot also seems quite reasonable.

If then this really happens, it means that Vegapunk is just looking for a way to channel Nika's energy or power to become his resource. 

Maybe, this is also the moment how he will research or provide other information about Nika's devil fruit. 

For example, why this could be a dangerous or amazing devil fruit.

Cola Franky's Power

One Piece 1068 Spoilers Reddit: Ancient Robot Will Rise!

Besides the power of the sun from Nika's devil fruit, the ancient robot can be revived using other energy sources such as cola.

Franky and Thousand Sunny need cola to be a power source. 

Sunny needs two kegs of cola to be able to fire the gaon cannon. Or it can also be used to do various other extraordinary things.

On the other hand, Franky is a cyborg, which means he is very familiar with robotics and their functions. 

Franky also has advanced technology in his body which he does and applies all of it independently. 

One of the clues that emerge from Vegapunk's explanation of the ancient robot is that its resources cannot be found in the modern era.

Based on this, there is no fuel capable of reviving the robot. 

This means that there needs to be a new way to revive it, namely by turning it into a different resource. 

And speaking of alternative resources/energy, then the cola-based system that Franky created and developed can be the solution. 

Franky succeeded in turning the power of carbonation into an extraordinary source of energy.

Of course, this could be Franky's moment to show off his intelligence, which might surprise Vegapunk. 

On the other hand, many believe that this will be Franky's arc which is the moment to present the storyline. 

After all, they can use this robot to destroy the CP0 troops outside Egghead Island.

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