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One Piece 1067 Spoilers: Kuma's Destination Finally Revealed!

One Piece 1067 Spoilers: Kuma's Destination Finally Revealed!

Kuma's departure from the Kamabakka kingdom may be aimed at saving Jewelry Bonney. 

How did it happen? 

Will Kuma be able to pull it off? 

Batholomew Kuma is back in the spotlight of the fans after in the previous chapter of One Piece he was saved by Sabo from Mary Geoise. 

As we know, Kuma became a slave for the Celestial Dragons.

His body was changed into a Pacifista by Vegapunk, which finally turned him into a terrible figure. 

Sabo and several Revolutionary Army commanders then carried out a mission to rescue Kuma during the Reverie arc. 

After being a question mark, finally after the Wano arc we finally found out about the success of Sabo's mission.

Unfortunately, Kuma's condition was very different where it seemed as if his human side had disappeared. 

What's interesting is that in chapter 1064 yesterday, it was revealed that Kuma was actually the father of Jewelry Bonney. 

And Bonney's goal in coming to Egghead's island himself is to get revenge for what Vegapunk did before. 

However, in the leaked chapter 1067 Kuma suddenly left the Kamabakka kingdom.

Where did Kuma go?

One Piece 1067 Spoilers: Kuma's Destination Finally Revealed!

Of course, this is a big question that arises when Kuma suddenly leaves. 

Although we still don't know exactly where Kuma went, there has been a lot of speculation suggesting that Kuma might end up going to Egghead Island. 

What for? 

The goal is none other than to save the daughter, Bonney. 

This speculation seems quite reasonable, especially after the fact that Kuma was the father was revealed.

If this later proves to be true, then it means that there is one thing that has emerged from this speculation, namely that Kuma's human side still exists. 

As mentioned above, when he was saved by Sabo from Mary Geoise, Kuma's condition was very worrying. 

He seemed to have turned into a robot and lost his human side. 

This was evident from his response when Dragon asked him to show what had happened so far.

However, if indeed Kuma goes to save Bonney, then this means that there is still a human side in Kuma's body, even if it's a little. 

In addition, Kuma's memory may not or has not completely disappeared. Can Kuma be saved then? 

It could be. 

Another speculation is that Kuma might run to get back to Mary Geoise.


Perhaps, the World Government or the Celestial Dragons had some sort of remote control device that would allow them to control Kuma. 

When the tool is activated, Kuma will immediately go to the control device. 

In this context, one of the celestial dragons probably activated his control device which caused Kuma to suddenly leave.

How did Kuma know about Bonney?

One Piece 1067 Spoilers: Kuma's Destination Finally Revealed!

The other big question, of course, is how Kuma knows Bonney's condition, if indeed he went to save her. 

For now, this is still a mystery. 

However, there are several possibilities that arise for this. 

First, Kuma found out about Bonney's condition through Seraphim or Pacifista. 

Like Vegapunk, it's possible that Kuma is connected to another Pacifista or Seraphim.

You know that Vegapunk created a lot of Pacifista Kuma. 

In fact, the Pacifista has also formed an army led by Sentomaru. 

Apart from being in the navy, Pacifista Kuma is actually on Egghead Island. 

Then, in chapter 1062 we see how CP0 is heading to the island to restore Seraphim Kuma who is considered not functioning optimally.

All of Kuma's Pacifistas and Seraphim Kuma may be connected to the real Kuma. 

This then made the original Kuma realize that Bonney was in danger and Kuma had to save her immediately. 

Second, another possibility is that the real Kuma knows the situation on Egghead Island thanks to the transmitter's ability on Punk Records. 

In the latest leaked chapter 1067 there is new information about Vegapunk.

In the information, how the original Vegapunk and its satellite can be connected to each other is thanks to the transmitter on Punk Records and the antenna on the tip of its apple-shaped head. 

All of them can access the data or information contained in Vegapunk's head. 

Since Kuma is also Vegapunk's creation, it means that it makes sense that he would also later learn of the situation in Vegapunk through the transmission.

Can Kuma Save Bonney?

One Piece 1067 Spoilers: Kuma's Destination Finally Revealed!

The answer to that question is that it is very likely that Kuma can save Bonney. 

There are several things that really need attention in this case. 

First is the distance from the Kamabakka kingdom to New World. 

The new headquarters of the Revolutionary Army is located in Paradise which is in the area before the Grand Line. 

Meanwhile, Egghead Island is in New World.

The two areas are separated by the Red Line, which is where we know how difficult it is for pirates to cross this large boundary. 

Of course, this will be a difficult adventure or journey, especially when Kuma goes without a ship. It's not impossible that he will also fail halfway. 

Even so, there is actually one way that can make Kuma leave quickly.

This method is none other than using the Nikyu Nikyu devil fruit that he has. 

As we know, Kuma's devil fruit can send or fly anything he touches. 

This is what we see when Kuma flies the Straw Hat crew before the timeskip. 

Besides being able to fly other people, this devil fruit can also fly the user.

One big reason why Kuma is most likely to succeed in saving Bonney is that Oda is about to end the story of One Piece. 

As Oda said before, he will end his story in the next few years. 

He then stated that after the Wano arc the One Piece series would begin to enter its final phase, which is currently happening.

And looking at the pace of the story that Oda has presented in the last few chapters, it seems that Oda is really serious about this goal. 

That's why Kuma might be able to save Bonney. 

The reason is, there is no time for Oda to present another story. 

But, again, everything can change, especially if Oda really wants to change the focus of the story. 

To be sure, there is a chance for Bonney to be reunited with his father.

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