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One Piece Spoiler 1067: The Nomi Nomi Vegapunk Devil Fruit Finally Shows

One Piece chapter 1067 this time gets the title Punk Record.

It is certain that this chapter 1067 will focus on the identity of the Vegapunk doctor and his genius in creating the technologies that exist in the world of One Piece.

In addition, in chapter 1067, we still get a cover story that continues the adventure story of the Germa 66 family which is entering its 24th volume.

Where this time we are shown the clone Emperor who is fighting against Vinsmoke Gudge and it is still not known for sure what caused the two of them to fight each other.

Entering the core of the story, the first point that we will get in the leaked spoiler of One Piece chapter 1067 this time is that it turns out that Vegapunk's doctor is a user of devil fruit powers.

Doctor Vegapunk's devil fruit power is also quite unique, where he is a user of the Nomi Nomi No Mi devil fruit power which is most likely a paramecia type of devil fruit which in Japanese is Nomi which means brain.

It is also explained in chapter 1067 that the power of this devil fruit is able to give the user the power to maximize unlimited brain capacity.

So this is the answer why Vegapunk's doctor has a big head.

But on the other hand there is a fact that is quite interesting, Vegapunk actually has a genius since birth, but the genius possessed by Vegapunk does not make him satisfied, that's why Vegapunk prefers to eat the Nomi Nomi No Mi devil fruit.

What we need to underline is, there is a high possibility that Vegapunk has or has read a book about the devil fruit encyclopedia just like the one Sanji had read when he was a child.

Obviously this is not surprising, because as we know if Vegapunk and Vinsmoke Judge had worked together in conducting research.

Of course this is very interesting, is it possible for Vegapunk to know the power of the devil fruit currently possessed by Luffy, which is related to the figure of Joyboy?

What is clear is that Vegapunk's doctor has planned something very important related to the arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates to Egg Head Island.

After that, the second point that we will get is that the Punk Record shows that the top of the Egg Head island which looks like an egg was actually made from the brain of the Vegapunk doctor.

Then the third point is, Vegapunk explains that the ancient robot previously discovered by Luffy was actually made during the void century.

But what's interesting here is, 200 years ago it turned out that this robot had been resurrected by someone but unfortunately the World Government who knew about this then attacked the ancient robot.

And until now, the ancient robot has not been resurrected.

If we refer to the timeline of events 200 years ago in the One Piece story, there is an event or incident that is very interesting, namely the first time the World Government made an official agreement with the inhabitants of the fish-man island to stop the kidnapping of trade and slavery carried out by all humans around the world. One Piece world.

And this is the beginning where the Ryugu kingdom becomes part of the World Government.

But in fact until now the agreement is only a fake agreement, there are still many kidnappings, slavery and, discrimination against fish-man inhabitants.

Even when the Levely meeting happened, Shirahoshi had to get unpleasant treatment from one of the Tenryubito.

Then if we relate to this incident, is it possible for someone to encourage the World Government to carry out the agreement?

After that, the scene changed and showed the CP0 agents who had arrived on Egg Head Island.

Well here it turns out that in addition to wanting to kill Vegapunk, the CP0 agents also aim to return the Seraphim, but their access to go deeper into Egg Head Island has been denied.

Of course this is very interesting and becomes a big question among One Piece fans, why does the World Government actually want to return Seraphim Kuma.

Did the World Government actually have a much better fighting power than the Seraphim?

Or does all this have something to do with the betrayal that will be committed by Vegapunk?

Let's just wait for the answer from Eiichiro Oda after the chapter is released.

But what is clear at the end of the chapter, we will also be shown something very surprising after Monkey D Dragon tried to talk to Bartholomeo Kuma about what really happened.

As Riverie's meeting took place, Kuma was suddenly shown getting up and running somewhere. 

This could be the beginning of the Army's revolutionary movement to determine what steps and strategies they will plan to fight the World Government.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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