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One Piece Spoiler 1067: Revealed Vegapunk's Devil Fruit!

One Piece Chapter 1067 spoilers were released on Monday, November 14, 2022, bringing some very interesting confirmations and developments.

This issue also seems to lay the groundwork for a major reunion that turns into conflict at a later date, with the original Bartholomew Kuma embarking on a journey near the end of the chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1067 appears to be a continuation of last week's massive information dump, revealing the Vegapunk Devil Fruit and expanding ancient robots.

The issue also announced that the series will be taking a break next week, meaning that this is the last update fans will be receiving for quite some time.

One Piece Chapter 1067 spoilers reveal the attack on the World Government 200 years ago and more.

One Piece Chapter 1067's initial spoiler begins by revealing the issue's title, "Punk Records," as well as the cover story.

The cover story depicts Caesar Clown and Vinsmoke Judge fighting, which seems to confirm Caesar Clown's loyalty to Germa 66, after escaping from Totto Land.

The spoiler goes on to reveal that, while Vegapunk was born a genius, he also consumed the Brain-Brain Fruit.

This Devil Fruit, most likely a Paramecia or a Special Zoan, grants him an unlimited store of knowledge, which explains his large head.

Early One Piece Chapter 1067 spoilers later determined that the title refers to the top of the Egghead inside the egg.

This sentence is followed by "it's made of Vegapunk's brain," which could be a reference to the Brain-Brain Fruit's ability to extract knowledge from his brain and store it in the real world.

The first spoiler reveals that the ancient robot found by Luffy and his comrades was built in the Void Century.

It's also confirmed here, presumably via Vegapunk, that it "attacked the World Government" 200 years ago.

While there's no additional context for this attack in the initial spoiler, the real issue will most likely contain more exposition.

Early spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1067 show CP0 arriving on Egghead Island, claiming to be there to return Kuma Seraphim to Dr. Vegapunk.

However, the group is denied entry, implying that one of Vegapunk's allies or sympathizers within the World Government has warned him of their impending arrival.

Otherwise, it is unclear why World Government agencies are denied access to World Government islands.

Finally, towards the end of the matter, the real Bartholomew Kuma, now on Kamabakka Island with Monkey D. Dragon and the Revolutionary Army, got up and started running.

Considering the issue of ending with this scene, there doesn't seem to be any further explanation of Kuma's whereabouts.

Given the timing of the Straw Hats and CP0's arrival on Egghead Island, he's most likely already there.

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