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One Piece 1066 Spoilers Reddit: The Mystery of Luffy's Mother Finally Revealed

One Piece 1066 Spoilers Reddit: The Mystery of Luffy's Mother Finally Revealed

A spoiler for the One Piece Chapter 1066 manga on Reddit has leaked that the identity of Monkey D. Luffy's birth mother will be revealed.

As is known, up to One Piece Chapter 1066, the true identity of Luffy's mother is still unknown.

Unlike his father, Monkey D. Dragon, who was introduced by Oda since the beginning of the series.

In fact, Luffy's mother has never appeared in the One Piece series.

Fan predictions, Luffy's meeting with Vegapunk on Egghead Island in One Piece 1066 can provide information about his mother.

In One Piece 1066 later, the real Vegapunk will appear and be shown as a very old scientist.

In fact, Vegapunk predicts that he will die soon, due to the aging factor that makes him often sickly.

Quoted from the video uploaded by Torao Kun's YouTube account on Friday, November 4, 2022, Vegapunk then predicts what will happen after he dies.

First, there would be many valuable things on Egghead Island that would belong to the Revolutionary Army.

Vegapunk does have a relationship with Dragon and the Revolutionary Army.

Although it is not clear exactly what the relationship is like.

Maybe Vegapunk was a secret member of the Revolutionary Army or was simply friends with Dragon.

In the One Piece 1066 manga series, there will be a conversation between one of Vegapunk's clones, Shaka and Dragon.

It was said by Shaka that all the valuable things belonging to Vegapunk on Egghead Island would later become Dragon's if Vegapunk died.

In the Revolutionary Army there was also Lindbergh who was a scientist.

One Piece 1066 Spoilers Reddit: The Mystery of Luffy's Mother Finally Revealed

So the things from Vegapunk can definitely be put to good use by the revolutionary army.

Then, he also discussed about the Straw Hat pirates who are now on Egghead Island.

Shaka said that he was very curious about the Straw Hat pirates, especially to Luffy who is Dragon's son.

Dragon might as usual just keep quiet when Shaka talks about Luffy.

The reason is, Dragon and Luffy never spend time together even though they are father and son.

Dragon will also talk about Sabo who suddenly lost contact from the Revolutionary Army.

It was thought that Dragon might have known that Sabo was in the Lulusia Kingdom, but he didn't know what had happened there yet.

Not only that, in One Piece 1065 also Vegapunk and his clones including Shaka seem to know about the incident in the Lulusia Kingdom.

As is known, the World Government has destroyed the Lulusia Kingdom by using Neptune's ancient weapon to nothing.

Finally, Shaka will mention a woman who, although it is still unclear who it is, there are indications that the woman is Dragon's wife.

In other words, the woman Shaka will discuss in One Piece 1066 is Luffy's mother.

One Piece 1066 Spoilers Reddit: The Mystery of Luffy's Mother Finally Revealed

More than 1000 chapters of One Piece have passed but the identity of Luffy's mother is still not revealed.

Considering now that the One Piece series has entered its final arc, it would be natural that now is the right time to reveal the true figure of Luffy's mother.

Fans predict that Luffy's mother is not an ordinary woman because of a secret figure.

It could be that Luffy's mother is from the Lulusia Kingdom which is related to the era of emptiness which is heavily covered up by the World Government

If this is true, then it will make the Monkey family even more interesting.

Of course, the figure of Luffy's mother will not be directly displayed in One Piece 1065, but only in the form of a silhouette.

The reason is, Eiichiro Oda as the author of One Piece stories usually only displays silhouettes for new characters.

Only later after a while, the true form of Luffy's mother will be shown by Eiichiro Oda.

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