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One Piece 1066 Spoliers Reddit: Ancient Kingdom Apocalypse

One Piece 1066 Spoliers Reddit: Ancient Kingdom Apocalypse

Is the apocalypse the main setting in the story in the One Piece series? 

This question arose after the revelation of facts about the past in chapter 1065 yesterday. 

In the chapter it was revealed that in fact all the sophistication of technology on Egghead Island, and all things that are considered sophisticated and modern, actually do not come from the future. 

But from the past.

As explained by Shaka, all these sophistication actually existed since 900 years ago. 

What's interesting is that a narration appears in the last panel of the chapter asking what technology was like in the past. 

On the other hand, this also raises interesting speculation about the time setting in the series. 

What if the actual time setting in the One Piece series takes place after a great apocalypse?

Ancient Kingdom Apocalypse

One Piece 1066 Spoliers Reddit: Ancient Kingdom Apocalypse

You may be surprised by the question above, and confused about what is meant by the apocalypse. 

In this case, there is a possibility that the world will experience an “apocalypse” where the Ancient Kingdom is completely destroyed. 

While it's still unconfirmed, all of the advanced technology Vegapunk used on Egghead Island and all of the other technologies are likely mimicking what was in the Ancient Kingdom.

The Ancient Kingdom itself is an important kingdom in the history of One Piece, whose information is very mysterious. 

So far, Oda has only presented information that the kingdom has greatly influenced world history. 

And based on the facts that just appeared in chapter 1065 yesterday, it makes sense that the Ancient Kingdom is the owner of all these technologies.

Possibly, in that century the Ancient Kingdom was the largest empire in the world. Those who rule or rule in the world of One Piece. 

Why then do they usually rule? 

Because, they have all the sophistication of the technology. 

However, something terrible happened where the alliance of 20 other kingdoms attacked the Ancient Kingdom.

The alliance of 20 kingdoms finally succeeded in destroying the largest empire in the world. 

And the kingdoms then founded the World Government organization. 

All the remnants of the Ancient Kingdom were destroyed by them, which is where the destruction of the Ancient Kingdom was probably the time when all "life" began.

This is probably the reason why the celestial dragons regard themselves as "gods". 

They also think that they are the "creators" of the world, because they think that the history of the world began since the 20 kingdoms formed the World Government. 

The world began after they managed to destroy an empire that was in power at that time.

Cause of the Ancient Kingdom's Apocalypse

One Piece 1066 Spoliers Reddit: Ancient Kingdom Apocalypse

What then made them attack the Ancient Kingdom? 

How then can they destroy the great empire that rules the world? 

Right now, everything is still a mystery. 

Maybe, in this Egghead island arc we will find the answer considering that Oda has started to give bits and pieces of historical facts about the past.

However, what then appears in chapter 1065 about advanced technology originating from the past opens up various possibilities. 

One of them is social jealousy. 

As mentioned above, that there is a possibility that the Ancient Kingdom is a great empire that rules the world. 

They have very advanced technology, which other kingdoms don't have.

Thanks to this technological sophistication, the Ancient Kingdom had a civilization that was more advanced than all other kingdoms. 

This also makes other kingdoms feel threatened. 

They consider that all these technologies are actually a threat and can bring disaster to all existing kingdoms and mankind. 

And this was the reason why they then allied themselves to bring down the Ancient Kingdom.

Deliberately Hidden World Government

One Piece 1066 Spoliers Reddit: Ancient Kingdom Apocalypse

Who is the initiator or who has the idea is still a mystery. 

It is interesting, of course, to explore more deeply about the origins of what then happened in the past. 

Perhaps, the facts themselves will be revealed in this arc. 

However, how Im later became the figure in power today raises other speculations. 

It's possible Im has the plan or maybe knows about all the secrets of the past.

Until now, Im is still the most mysterious figure in the One Piece series. 

There is almost no information that we can know about the figure of Im. 

In the series, usually Oda Sensei deliberately keeps a character or event a secret until the time is right. 

On the other hand, the character is also deliberately hidden because it is an important character.

A vivid example of this are Kaido and Kozuki Oden. 

Prior to the Wano arc, the names of the two characters were frequently referenced in the story. 

Until later in the Wano arc we saw that it turns out that both characters are important characters in the story, at least in that arc. 

Im himself has been since the Reverie arc was introduced in the story, and until now it is still a mystery.

This may also have something to do with the apocalypse of the Ancient Kingdom in the One Piece series. 

As you know that since the destruction of the Ancient Kingdom until now, there was a gap of about 800-900 years which later became known as the lost century or the Void Century. 

Everything that existed at that time was deliberately hidden by the World Government, so that no one would know about it.

There is a possibility, they are deliberately hiding the facts about the apocalypse because they do not want the world to know what they are doing. 

It is not impossible if there will be chaos throughout the world, everything will become unbalanced, when everyone knows that there had been a "doomsday" 900 years ago. 

However, that fact was later hidden.

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