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One Piece 1065 Reddit Spoiler: Oda Reveals Luffy Will Meet Robots from the Void Century

The official spoiler for the One Piece 1065 manga has finally been released by the mangaka, Eiichiro Oda.

Various surprising things happened in One Piece 1065, one of which was Sanji's broken leg.

Then Luffy also met a robot from the Void Century in One Piece 1065.

The following is a discussion of the official One Piece 1065 spoiler, entitled Six Vegapunk.

The cover story in this chapter discusses One Piece Film Red.

at the beginning of the chapter, Sanji and his friends were surprised by the appearance of Jinbe who suddenly approached him.

But strangely, Jinbe suddenly attacked them.

Apparently he is not the real Jinbe, but the Seraphim in the form of Jinbe.

This Seraphim in the form of Jinbe is so strong that Nami, Usopp, and Robin unite against him.

Unfortunately the cooperation of the three couldn't even scratch Seraphim Jinbe's body at all.

Seeing this, Sanji immediately stepped forward and kicked Seraphim Jinbe.

However, Sanji's leg was immediately broken because this Seraphim turned out to have a very strong and hard body.

Then when Sanji was about to be attacked by this Seraphim, suddenly three Vegapunk clones appeared.

They came to save Sanji and the three Vegapunks named, Edison, Pythagoras, and York.

Furthermore, the One Piece 1065 manga also reveals the latest interesting facts.

It turns out that Egghead Island is not the island of the future but the island of the past.

The reason for that was because the technology on Egghead Island was very similar to the Ancient Kingdom that was lost during the Void Century.

It was also revealed that Vegapunk's doctor was very knowledgeable about the past of the Ancient Kingdom.

Then at the end of One Piece 1065, Luffy revealed something surprising.

Luffy meets robots who come from an ancient civilization aka the Void Century.

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