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One Piece 1065 Spoiler: Will Dr Vegapunk Join The Straw Hat Pirates' Ally?

One Piece manga spoiler chapter 1065 still highlights the figure of Dr. Vegapunk and the Straw Hat Pirates.

Although Dr Vegapunk is known to work for the World Government, he has not been shown to antagonize or attack the Straw Hat Pirates.

Instead of being an enemy to the Straw Hat Pirates, Dr. Vegapunk seems to be helping Luffy and his friends.

In the spoiler of the One Piece manga chapter 1065, Dr Vegapunk returns to help the Straw Hat Pirates.

Straw Hat Pirates' group separated from Luffy is under threat
In this case, they were attacked by the Seraphim in the form of Jinbe. The Seraphim are extremely difficult to harm.

Nami, Usopp, Robin and Sanji unite to attack Seraphim Jinbe. Unfortunately, they failed to harm the Seraphim.

In contrast, Seraphim Jinbe actually managed to break Sanji's leg. This is due to the thickness of the Seraphim's skin.

When Seraphim Jinbe wanted to attack Sanji, three other Dr. Vegapunk clones appeared to save the Straw Hat Pirates.

The three clones of Dr. Vegapunk who appeared before the Straw Hat Pirates were York, Atlas, and Edison.

Previously, Dr. Vegapunk's clone, Lilith, had helped the Straw Hat Pirates when the Thousand Sunny was in danger.

At that time, Lilith evacuated the Thousand Sunny which had overturned due to an attack from a robot shark in the waters of Future Island (Egghead Island).

Even so, Lilith denied that she saved the Straw Hat Pirates. In this case, Lilith almost attacked the Straw Hat Pirates before being alerted by another Dr Vegapunk clone (Shaka).

The possibility of Dr Vegapunk becoming an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates grew stronger when Shaka contacted Monkey D. Dragon.

As is known, Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army as well as the father of the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy.

If Dr. Vegapunk finds out Dragon is Luffy's father, it is not impossible that he will become an ally for the Straw Hat Pirates.

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