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Spy x Family Where to Watch for Free? Check Here!

Spy x Family Where to Watch for Free? Check Here!

There is a link to watch the Spy x Family Full Episode anime, which is also free with English sub.

Spy x Family is an anime that tells the story of a murderous spy who adopts a child.

But this adopted child turns out to be able to read minds.

Spy x Family is set in an era where countries around the world are involved in a great information war behind the scenes.

The Eastern State of Ostania and the Western Westist State have been in a cold war for more than a decade.

Agent Twilight or also known as Loid Forger is a skilled spy under the auspices of the Eastern Region Western Intelligence Agency, WISE.

Loid Forger is assigned to carry out a top-class secret mission to investigate the war plans of a dangerous man who threatens the peace between the East and West.

The dangerous man has the position of President of the Eastern National Unity Party named Donovan Desmond.

The name of this mission is Operation Strix.

This mission begins with starting a family within a week and infiltrating the prestigious school where Desmond's son is studying.

Loid Forger adopts a daughter named Anya.

Anya has the ability to read other people's minds.

But he has a weakness that is not able to be in crowded places.

Anya's strength is still not 100 percent controlled.

As a result, she will be “flooded” by the thoughts of those around her.

Therefore, whenever in the crowd Anya would definitely feel tired and dizzy.

While his wife Yor or Thorn Princes is a murderer.

The three become a family and live together while hiding their true identities.

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Spy x Family Where to Watch for Free? Check Here!

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