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One Piece 1065 Spoilers Reddit: Vegapunk Help Luffy beacuse of Dragon?

One Piece 1065 Spoilers Reddit: Vegapunk Help Luffy beacuse of Dragon?

Even though the original Vegapunk still hasn't appeared in the story in the One Piece series, that hasn't stopped fans from coming up with various theories. 

The figure of Dr. Vegapunk is currently the most anticipated character by fans. 

This is because the latest arc itself is on his island, Egghead.

Luffy and the Straw Hats went in a different direction than the other two captains, Law and Kid, after the Wano arc. 

And apparently, they went to an island belonging to the World Government which is also the home of Vegapunk. 

Egghead Island itself is really very advanced and modern, this is reasonable considering Vegapunk who later developed and built everything.

Luffy's presence on Egghead Island presents many possibilities. 

And what's interesting, and widely speculated by fans, is how Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats might get another power-up on this island. 

How to? None other than the help from the hands of the genius scientist, Dr. Vegapunk.

Vegapunk Help Luffy's Strength?

One Piece 1065 Spoilers Reddit: Vegapunk Help Luffy beacuse of Dragon?

As explained above, it is likely that Vegapunk will help increase Luffy's strength. 

How to? With the research he has done, as well as various other knowledge, Vegapunk can help Luffy in many ways. 

For example, Vegapunk was able to teach Luffy how to control his devil fruit powers much better.

Or it could be as in the discussion in the previous article, Vegapunk will help Luffy to develop his devil fruit power. 

And this is a way for him to then present the latest Gear - Gear 6. 

Besides Luffy, Vegapunk is also likely to help increase the strength of the other Straw Hat crew.

There is a lot of potential that Vegapunk can give the Straw Hat crew. For example, he can give science about technology to Franky. 

Or how he could give Usopp knowledge to build something. 

Nami can also learn many things about the weather from Vegapunk, such as what happened on Egghead Island where on an island there can be 2 different weathers.

Chopper can also learn many things from Vegapunk, for example he can learn about the human body, genetic engineering, devil fruit abilities, and so on. 

This is also a way for Chopper to realize his dream of finding a cure for all diseases. 

In essence, Vegapunk can be a very extraordinary figure for the Straw Hat crew, especially in increasing his strength.

Repaying Dragon's Kindness

One Piece 1065 Spoilers Reddit: Vegapunk Help Luffy beacuse of Dragon?

Speculation about Vegapunk who will help Luffy and the Straw Hat crew becomes something interesting and makes sense. 

Because this is not something that is impossible to happen. 

Moreover, there are also other speculations that say that Vegapunk is actually not a bad person. 

He was just someone forced to work for the World Government.

However, other speculations have also arisen regarding the possible reason why Vegapunk would want to help increase Luffy's strength. 

This is because he is indebted to Luffy's father, Monkey D. Dragon. 

In the previous article, there was a discussion of the theory that Vegapunk could be part of the Revolutionary Army. 

He was probably one of the spies for the organization.

However, what then made Vegapunk return Dragon's favor? 

What was the last thing Dragon did to Vegapunk?

 There is a possibility that Dragon has saved or helped Vegapunk in the past. Or it could be that he had helped a valuable figure to Vegapunk. 

And maybe that was the reason why he wanted to be a spy for the Revolutionary Army.

On the other hand, it was also a moment for Vegapunk to avenge what Dragon had done. 

And what's also interesting is that if the theory is proven, from the moment of interaction between Luffy and Vegapunk we might get other information about Dragon and the Revolutionary Army. 

What do you geeks think, do you guys agree on this?

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