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One Piece: The Key to the Void Century is Revealed in Monkey D Dragon and Gol D Roger

The characters of Monkey D Dragon and Gol D Roger in the One Piece series are always interesting to discuss.

They always manage to be the center of attention for One Piece fans, especially since there are still many mysteries about the figure of Monkey D Dragon that have not been revealed.

Like how his strength, what his past, what he did before to become the number one fugitive of the One Piece World Government and so on.

One thing that is still a big mystery in the One Piece series is, what is the purpose of Dragon appearing in the events of Gol D Roger's execution when Roger's execution was carried out.

We can see various famous pirates gathered in the Loguetown area such as Doflamingo Miham, Moria and Crocodile.

We can also see how Monkey D Dragon was before he got a tattoo on his face during Gol D Roger's execution.

Why was he interested in the execution of the pirate king among the faces that appeared only Dragon who looked sad, serious and at the same time worried to see what was happening.

In contrast to Buggy or Shanks who were seen only crying seeing their captain executed.

This then raises a big question, namely whether Dragon has met Roger before the execution or long before

Roger may think of Dragon as Garp's son and also a fellow owner of the name D because as we know Garp and Roger are like close friends.

Even though it's just that their life paths are different, that's why both of them trust each other and that means it's not impossible if Roger and Dragon have met before.

If indeed they had met before, most likely their discussion had something to do with the history of the void world and the Poneglyphs.

Roger's execution by the Navy could be the beginning of Dragon forming the Revolutionary army.

Dragon has always defended the weak and oppressed especially by the World Government, an example is when he helped Sabo who almost died because he helped people in the Terminal who were burned by the nobles.

According to Sabo, the entire system in the nobility's civilization was completely broken in chapter 100, after Dragon managed to save Luffy from Buggy's execution.

We see Dragon doing a monologue with quite striking words, the words spoken by Dragon are actually spoken by Roger.

So most likely before Roger's public execution was carried out the two of them had met.

Dragon must have understood and knew about the true meaning of D's determination which in the end made Dragon embark on a mission to overthrow the World Government and also injustice.

They are headed for a true justice and full of freedom, this might also explain why he has a Sandia tattoo on his face

It could be a sign of his lineage as part of the D Clan and the ancient kingdom because as we know that the Sandia kingdom is a close ally of Joy boy and the Ancient Kingdom.

In the One Piece story we know a lost century known as the century of emptiness.

Because there's nothing left to acknowledge anything that goes on in it apart from the Poneglyoh being written in a language few people know how to read.

According to the history mentioned in the story in that era, 20 kingdoms united and then destroyed a large empire.

After the destruction of the ancient kingdom, the 20 united kingdoms then formed an organization that became known as the World Government or World Government.

Members of the 20 kingdoms and their descendants are considered to be gods who have started human civilization.

That's why they are called the Heavenly Dragons because they feel that they are the descendants of the gods.

However, the big question then is what caused the 20 kingdoms to unite and then destroy the Ancient Kingdom.

Many theories try to explain this, one of which is because the ancient kingdom was considered a great threat to the whole world.

But there are also other theories that try to explain the reason for the war

In the world of One Piece. There are so many unique and interesting species besides humans, there are also human species, mermaids, skypieans, animal humans, and others.

But if you pay attention when the Reverie event occurs, most of the kings who appear in the event are humans.

Almost all humans, even the Celestial Dragons are humans, meaning that it can be concluded that when the war against the ancient kingdom took place 800 years ago.

No other species fought apart from humans there were several species or kingdoms known to be allied with the ancient kingdoms.


First the Kozuki clan from Wano the second the Mokomodo Dukedom from the Zou or Mink Tribe the third the Ryugu kingdom on Fishman Island, the four Shandia from Skypea or sky people

Why they are considered allies of the ancient kingdom may be because there are ancient Poneglyphs stored in these places or something to do with the figure of Joy Boy.

Alabasta previously seen in the attack decided to no longer be involved in all major wars and then decided to become a place to hide Pluton.

If you look at the regional flag emblems of the Alabasta Shandia and the Kozuki Clan there are the same details of all the flags.

The detail is that there are 8 dots contained in the symbol and as we know Eichiiro Oda is very good at playing details.

We know there is a miniature of eight planets that circled the last moon what has this to do with this theory.

It is possible that it symbolizes their home planet in other words each of the races in One Piece is most likely from another planet.

Humans themselves have always believed that the earth is the center of all planets, maybe this is why humans feel higher and are reluctant to associate with other than their people.

Examples are fishmen and the Mink Tribe, here a big role for Clan D to straighten out the history that happened.

Although there are still people with D who are still in the opposite direction because they may be tempted by the great power and abundant wealth in the world of One Piece.

That's the discussion regarding the key to the Age of Void in the One Piece manga.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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