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One Piece: 5 Legendary Character With Admiral Level Strength!

One Piece: 5 Legendary Character With Admiral Level Strength!

In the One Piece story, admirals are the highest position in the navy, where they are under the Fleet Admiral. 

The admirals are people who have experience in the navy, and also have tremendous strength. 

Only strong people in the navy as well as those with experience could fill the admiral position.

We must admit that the strength of the admirals is truly formidable. 

In fact, the other pirates would be very frightened and overwhelmed when an admiral appeared. 

Despite their immense power, there are several characters in the story who prove to be strong enough to be able to injure an admiral. 

Here is the list:

1. Silvers Rayleigh

One Piece: 5 Legendary Character With Admiral Level Strength!

The figure of Silvers Rayleigh is one of the legends in the One Piece series. 

He is the former right-hand man of Gol D. Roger, the pirate king. 

His figure was very famous, even the new generation of pirates knew Rayleigh's figure. 

He is famous for his extraordinary Haki abilities, which even Luffy himself was once a student of Rayleigh.

Rayleigh's figure managed to injure admiral Kizaru in the Sabaody arc. 

At that time, Kizaru returned to Sabaody after learning that Luffy and the Straw Hats had reunited. 

He tried to catch them, before Rayleigh stopped him. 

In that moment, Rayleigh managed to cut Kizaru's cheek with his sword. 

He also managed to withstand Kizaru's true form thanks to Haki.

2. Diamond Jozu

One Piece: 5 Legendary Character With Admiral Level Strength!

Jozu is the former commander of the Third Division of the Whitebeard pirate group and he is a powerful pirate. 

Jozu has the power of the devil fruit Kira Kira no Mi which can make him have a very hard diamond body. 

In addition, Jozu also has great fighting experience that can make him superior in battle.

Jozu is one of the characters who has injured an admiral, in this case is admiral Aokiji. 

At that time, Jozu tried to protect Whitebeard who was beaten by Aokiji in the peak war at Marineford. 

Seeing Luffy in danger, Whitebeard ordered his crew to protect Luffy. 

With the power of his devil fruit as well as the power of Haki, he was able to make Aokiji seriously injured.

3. Whitebeard

One Piece: 5 Legendary Character With Admiral Level Strength!

For the figure of Whitebeard, of course, we already know that he does have tremendous power to injure an admiral. 

And he once injured the figure of admiral Sakazuki aka Akainu in the final battle at Marineford. 

Sakazuki once fought against Whitebeard who was weak and old, but his strength was still far behind Whitebeard.

With the remaining strength he had, Whitebeard tried to finish off Sakazuki who had made his pirate group split apart. 

Akainu's condition is really very severe due to the power of the Gura Gura no Mi. 

Even so, Akainu himself had time to put up a fight where part of the former Yonko's face was destroyed by his attack.

4. Momonosuke

One Piece: 5 Legendary Character With Admiral Level Strength!

As we know, the devil fruit is one of the interesting elements in the One Piece series. 

The proof is the emergence of an artificial devil fruit that had attracted the attention of many fans during the Wano arc. 

The one who ate the artificial devil fruit was Kozuki Momonosuke. 

He ate the devil fruit made by Dr. Vegapunk derived from Kaido's DNA.

This also makes Momonosuke able to change like Kaido. 

In fact, he is also able to bring out Kaido-like abilities as he did when dealing with admiral Aramaki. 

Momonosuke unleashed the Yonko's signature technique, Boro Breath, to attack Aramaki. 

And the effect was that the admiral was instantly destroyed.

5. Shanks

One Piece: 5 Legendary Character With Admiral Level Strength!

In chapter 1054 yesterday, we saw how powerful Aramaki is. 

Aramaki's devil fruit turns out to be the Mori Mori no Mi, where he can turn his surroundings into a forest. 

In fact, this is also what makes it difficult for Red Scabbards to face Aramaki. 

However, in the middle of the fight, the figures of Yamato and Momonosuke appeared who tried to stop the fight.

Then, the most attention-grabbing of course is the appearance of Shanks in Wano. 

Using the power of his Haki, he was even able to make the admiral feel excruciating pain. 

In fact, Shanks didn't touch him at all. 

This also seems to be proof of the awesomeness of Shanks' Haki.

With the tremendous power they have, the admiral becomes a terrible figure that scares everyone, especially pirates. 

However, the characters above prove that with the strength they have, the admirals they have successfully injured. 

In fact, one of them was finally defeated.

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