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One Piece: Is Kizaru Vegapunk? This Theory Is Very Interesting!

One Piece: Is Kizaru Vegapunk? This Theory Is Very Interesting!

This article is a theory and a possibility that leads to one focus, namely Kizaru is Vegapunk in One Piece.

Vegapunk in One Piece is a genius who created various kinds of very sophisticated inventions for that period.

Until now, the truth and form of Vegapunk in One Piece is still not clearly explained.

But as we already know, there are 6 confirmed clones of Vagepunk from manga chapter 1064.

One of the female clones of Vegapunk.

But this does not mean the original figure of Dr. Vegapunk is a woman.

And the crazy theory that could emerge is that Dr. Vegapunk is actually Kizaru.

Like other fan theories, there is no definite possibility that can be the basis that the theory will become a reality, so don't take the following theory too seriously, okay? 

Even so, the theory found by One Piece fans around the world is very reasonable, and it could happen, you know!

Curious about Kizaru or Borsalino's theory as Vegapunk in One Piece? 

The story of Borsalino's past before joining the Navy has not been told, but little Borsalino has been shown at the end of One Piece Film: Z. 

One Piece: Is Kizaru Vegapunk? This Theory Is Very Interesting!

There, Borsalino is seen writing something in a book, complete with several piles of books beside his desk.

Candle lights seem to be a hallmark of Borsalino since childhood, because several times he is depicted carrying this lamp. 

In addition to lighting, this lamp also symbolizes Borsalino who will later get the power of Pika Pika no Mi and is nicknamed the Man of Light.

Back to the discussion, Borsalino as an adult seems to have a very relaxed appearance and sometimes looks stupid compared to the other two Admirals before the Marineford war. 

But if you look at his childhood, Borsalino is often shown along with books.

According to the author himself, since childhood Borsalino was a child who was thirsty for knowledge, because of that he was described as always studying or the like. 

Then why is Borsalino acting stupid or moving slowly? 

This I will discuss on the next page.

There are several more theories put forward by fans, namely where little Borsalino lives. 

Vegapunk in One Piece is shown to have a research room in a snow land called Karakuri island, where Franky trained and transformed himself during the two years scattered with his Nakama.

One Piece: Is Kizaru Vegapunk? This Theory Is Very Interesting!

On the other hand, Borsalino's childhood picture always shows him in cold and snowy places. 

At this point, it sounds logical, but it makes sense.

On the front page, there is another theory related to another character! Still don't believe Kizaru's theory is Vegapunk in One Piece?

Sentomaru is said to have been Vegapunk's bodyguard when he served as captain of the Marine Scientists division. 

Seeing this fact, of course it was clear that Sentomaru had seen Vegapunk's face, maybe even knew him well.

After that, Sentomaru was promoted and became the leader of the Pacifista squad, which was also created by Vegapunk in One Piece. 

Sentomaru acknowledges the greatness of Vegapunk, of course he also respects him a lot, so what does it have to do with Kizaru or Borsalino?

The Admiral member who often looks familiar with Sentomaru is Kizaru, they even do several missions together, for example when they try to catch the Supernovas at Sabaody Archipelago.

One Piece: Is Kizaru Vegapunk? This Theory Is Very Interesting!

In Sentomaru and Kizaru's working relationship, Sentomaru has a unique nickname for Kizaru, namely Kizaru no Ojiki or Kizaru's uncle which is usually used to call big bosses in the Yakuza world. 

Of course this shows that Sentomaru also has respect for Kizaru, or maybe, Kizaru and Vegapunk are the same person?

This time, the character in question is Bartholomew Kuma. 

The incident at Sabaody Archipelago, where the Straw Hats were scattered, was certainly an incident that left a deep impression on the Straw Hats. 

There, their weakness is seen, because they can be totally defeated.

When the writer first watched this episode, there were some oddities that the writer found. 

Kizaru is a Logia-type Devil Fruit eater, the Pika Pika no Mi which makes him a human of light. 

With this ability, the user is able to control light, and even transform into light itself.

Needless to say, Kizaru is dubbed as one of the fastest people in the world of One Piece. 

Strangely, why did he take so long to kill the defenseless Zoro? Kizaru does have a nature that seems joking even though he is serious. 

Many predict that he was toying with the Straw Hats at the time.

According to the author himself, he was deliberately stalling for time until Rayleigh came along, and stopped him. 

When Kuma came, Kizaru noticed something was off, but he didn't stop it. If the reason was Rayleigh, then Kizaru should at least be able to teleport quickly to where Kuma was and stop him.

When Kuma was talking to Rayleigh, Kizaru was right in front of them, it would be strange if Kizaru didn't hear the brief conversation between the two. 

Perhaps, this was all Kizaru's idea, and Sentomaru and Kuma who had faith in "Vegapunk" ended up following this plan.

As you can read above, X Drake comments on the laser beam from the Pacifista which is the same as Kizaru's laser. X Drake himself, before becoming a Pirate he was a Marine who was close to the Admiral, of course Kizaru was one of them.

One Piece: Is Kizaru Vegapunk? This Theory Is Very Interesting!

According to X Drake, Vegapunk is "crazy" for being able to embed the same laser technology as Kizaru's with his Pika Pika no Mi. 

Do you think Vegapunk is capable of implanting lasers like Kizaru? Or maybe Kizaru himself planted it?

According to the author himself, Kizaru is actually smart, and relates to the first point on the first page. 

He likes to learn since childhood, and at least he knows a lot. 

Besides, why is Kizaru speaking so slowly and sometimes showing a stupid expression, even though he has a very fast Pika Pika no Mi.

According to the author himself, he actually has very fast reflexes, but not in accordance with normal people, because of that he slows down his speech. 

Although there is no official explanation that Devil Fruits can affect the characteristics of the user, so this point is just trivia.

Okay, this is just the author's crazy thought to close the article, but it's very interesting. 

Vegapunk is described as a very genius scientist, in fact he is able to make very advanced discoveries 500 years ahead of that time.

For example, in the world of One Piece, there is nothing strange, starting from the country above the clouds, the inhabitants of the Moon, fish people under the sea, to a giant elephant on top of which there is an animal that can talk and walk on two legs, certainly a time machine in the future won't sound strange.

It's possible that Borsalino came from the future (or if Borsalino wasn't Vegapunk in One Piece, then the real Vegapunk came from the future). 

He came because something happened in the future, the center of which was the Straw Hats, therefore answering the question why Kuma and Vegapunk seemed to have sacrificed so much to protect the Straw Hats.

One Piece: Is Kizaru Vegapunk? This Theory Is Very Interesting!

Those are some theories about Kizaru who turns out to be Vegapunk in One Piece. 

Like other theories, of course this article is only a prediction that may or may not happen. What do you think?

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