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One Piece 1065: Vegapunk Helped Luffy Enter Gear 6 Mode For Retaliation?

The emergence of Dr. The original Vegapunk in the One Piece manga arc Egghead is still eagerly awaited in the One Piece manga.

A number of predictions say that the original Vegapunk will appear and be clearly seen in one of the One Piece 1065 manga.

This is because the newest arc itself is on his island, Egghead.

After the Wano arc, Monkey D Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates went in a different direction than the other two captains, Law and Kid.

As is well known Egghead Island is very advanced and modern.

This makes sense considering the Vegapunk, who later designed and built everything.

Luffy's presence on Egghead Island presents many possibilities.

And what's interesting, and much is speculated by fans, is how Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates can gain power again on this island.

How to? None other than the help of a genius scientist, Dr. Vegapunk.

Can Vegapunk Help Luffy's Strength?

Vegapunk can help Luffy in several ways using the research he has done as well as many other abilities and knowledge.

For example, Luffy can learn from Vegapunk how to better manage his devil fruit abilities.

And this is a way for him to later bring his devil fruit powers into Gear 6.

Besides Luffy, Vegapunk will also most likely help increase the strength of the rest of the Straw Hat crew.

There are many possibilities of Vegapunk's knowledge being passed on to the Straw Hat pirates.

For example, he could pass on his knowledge of technology to Frankie.

Then give Usopp the knowledge to create something.

Nami can also learn many things about the weather from Vegapunk, as happened on Egghead Island, where on an island there can be two different weathers.

Chopper can also learn many things from Vegapunk.

For example, he can learn about the human body, genetic engineering, devil fruit abilities, and so on.

This is also Chopper's way of realizing his dream of finding a cure for all ailments.

The point is, especially in terms of boosting his strength, Vegapunk can be a very extraordinary figure for the Straw Hat team.

Repaying Dragon's Kindness

Speculation about Vegapunk who will help Luffy and the Straw Hat crew into something interesting and makes sense.

Because this is not something impossible.

In addition, there is also another speculation that says that Vegapunk is not actually a bad person.

He is simply an individual made to work for the World Government.

However, another theory has also emerged as to why Vegapunk wants to help improve Luffy's abilities.

This is because of his obligation to Monkey D. Dragon, Luffy's father.

Vegapunk could be part of the Revolutionary Army.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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