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One Piece 1065 Spoilers: The Hidden Power of Riki Riki No Mi Jesus Burgess Revealed!

One Piece 1065 Spoilers: The Hidden Power of Riki Riki No Mi Jesus Burgess Revealed!

After failing to get the Mera Mera devil fruit, finally Jesus Burgess officially got a new devil fruit. 

And this new devil fruit has tremendous power, which is perfect for Burgess. 

As we know, Blackbeard's group continues to hunt devil fruit for his crew. 

In the Dressrosa arc, it appears Burgess is trying to get the main prize, namely the Mera Mera no Mi.

However, a surprise then appeared in chapter 1063 yesterday when Blackbeard's group appeared and carried out a surprise attack on the Hati pirate group. 

In the chapter, it appears that some of the other Blackbeard crew have the power of a powerful devil fruit. 

For example, the power that can create disease or plague. 

There is also a power that can make the user teleport.

Owner Riki Riki No Mi

One Piece 1065 Spoilers: The Hidden Power of Riki Riki No Mi Jesus Burgess Revealed!

Jesus Burgess himself has the power of a devil fruit where his strength increases many times. 

This is the result of the Riki Riki devil fruit. 

The Power Power Fruit or Riki Riki no Mi is probably part of the Paramecia type devil fruit. 

However, other speculations suggest that this could be a Zoan type devil fruit based on the changes and increases in strength from Burgess.

Riki Riki's devil fruit gives Burgess extraordinary strength and power. 

We can see this when Burgess lifts a mountain, which he then throws at the Heart Pirates. 

Burgess seemed very easy and light when lifting the mountain. It was very clear that his physical strength was truly terrifying.

Talking about the owner of the Riki Riki no Mi devil fruit, for now we already know that Burgess is the owner. 

However, there is still no information on who the previous owner was. 

One thing is for sure, Blackbeard stole it from someone. 

A reasonable possibility is that he is looking for the whereabouts of the devil fruit owner after reading the devil fruit information in the encyclopedia.

The Power of Riki Riki No Mi

One Piece 1065 Spoilers: The Hidden Power of Riki Riki No Mi Jesus Burgess Revealed!

As the name implies, this Riki Riki devil fruit grants terrible powers that are at the superhuman level to anyone who eats it. 

Chapter 1063 itself just shows how Burgess is able to lift mountains with ease. 

However, it is likely that there will be other powerful forces that Oda will present besides being able to lift mountains.

On the other hand, there are interesting discussions and speculations that have also appeared among fans regarding the power of this devil fruit. 

According to some fans, in the world of One Piece, a person can get the same level of power as Burgess, whether with the power of a devil fruit or not. 

One Piece itself is a shnen genre series, where the fight is one of the important elements in the story.

And it's common in shonen series, anyone who trains hard and hard, then their physical abilities will surpass anything that is considered something strong. In the context of One Piece, we can see several characters who can do this. 

For example, Monkey D. Garp or Don Chinjao. 

Using that logic, it means that someone can become much stronger than Burgess without eating Riki Riki's devil fruit.

And judging by the whole story, Burgess' ability to lift mountains wasn't really anything extraordinary. 

There are many characters far more awesome than this. Kaido was even able to lift an island with ease. 

Luffy was able to beat Doflamingo until Dressrosa was torn apart. 

In fact, Law himself was able to split the mountain.

Based on this, it is very likely that the Riki Riki no Mi is more than just adding to Burgess's strength. 

Perhaps, its true power is that it enables the user to lift anything, no matter how heavy or big it is. 

That way, the meaning of the devil fruit itself will emerge as a source of tremendous power. 

This devil fruit can also create earthquakes or other extraordinary things. 

Because, why did Blackbeard bother to get the devil fruit for Burgess.

Is This Devil Fruits Important?

One Piece 1065 Spoilers: The Hidden Power of Riki Riki No Mi Jesus Burgess Revealed!

For now, Burgess' Riki Riki devil fruit might still look normal. 

However, there is still time for Burgess to retrain her devil fruit powers. In fact, he could have completely controlled it and then resurrected it. 

That way, Jesus Burgess will be a terrible opponent and a figure that is difficult to beat.

Resurrecting a devil fruit in a short time is not easy, but not impossible. 

Sabo is living proof of that. 

After getting Mera Mera from the Colosseum, it only took him a short time to get used to it and awaken his devil fruit. 

Burgess could also have followed in the footsteps of the Sabo.

With the "basic" power that we saw in chapter 1063, of course it would be very interesting if something extraordinary happened at the end of the series later. 

Not a mountain that Burgess could possibly lift, but an island or even a continent. 

This of course will make Blackbeard's group increasingly a serious threat to the whole world, especially Burgess.

And this will also of course be a tough challenge for anyone in the Straw Hat crew who will then face Burgess. 

Burgess will certainly have an equally important role going forward. 

With the existence of Riki Riki no Mi, he will become a serious threat to his opponent. 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter!

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