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One Piece: Luffy Caught, Vegapunk's New Weapon Looks Like God Nika

The previous chapter Luffy along with Bonney, Jinbei, and Chopper entered EggHead Island, where they met one of the Vegapunk clones named Atlas.

Unlike the Vegapunk 02 clone named Lilith, Atlas only let Luffy, Bonney, Jinbei and Chopper roam the EggHead island and even use technology there such as trying out food and clothing machines.

Unlike Bonney, who had the goal of meeting Vegapunk, Luffy and the Mugiwara crew accidentally had to stop at EggHead Island.

This is because they encountered a giant whirlpool and ended Luffy and the two members of the Straw Hat Pirates, Chipper and Jinbei, having to separate from the others.

Luffy also tried to find another crew by exploring the island of EggHead, but to be able to get around the island.

So that they are unsuspectingly wearing clothes like the inhabitants of the EggHead island called the clothes of the future.

Not only changing their appearance with new clothes, Bonney turned himself and Jinbei into four year old little kids while Luffy and Chopper became 70 year old people.

The disguise must be done by Bonney because previously they were attacked by a Pacifista who was assigned to be the guardian of EggHead island.

Therefore they really need to disguise themselves so as not to be the center of attention.

However, with Luffy being a 70 year old old man, he won't be able to bring out all his strength if they have to face dangers such as attacks from the Pacifista.

This could have made Luffy caught because he couldn't fight with full strength.

If this happens then he will be brought to see Vegapunk where there will be several possibilities that will happen one of which is Luffy will be the object of Vegapunk's experiment.

Previously Vegapunk had made Kaido an experimental object, even from that experiment Vegapunk was able to create an imitation of Kaido's devil fruit which was currently eaten by Momonosuke.

Vegapunk's success in imitating Kaido's Devil Fruit power can be seen from Momonosuke's power which can also turn himself into a Dragon like Kaido.

With Vegapunk's interest in Kaido's power, it will be the same as the awakening of the legendary power of Lord Nika for 800 years.

In the end getting up in Luffy's body will make Vegapunk make Luffy an experimental object and make an imitation of the nika hito hito no mi devil fruit.

Or even by looking at the power of God Nika in Luffy's body, Vegapunk might create new weapons like Pacifista or Seraphim.

However, for this purpose, a weapon that has many similarities with Lord Nika will be created.

Vegapunk can certainly create weapons that resemble God Nika because previously he had also made Seraphim who had the same form as the Lunarians who came from King's DNA.

Vegapunk has always succeeded in creating powerful weapons, from all of his inventions he has become a legend in the One Piece manga story and is even touted as the most dangerous scientist in the world.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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