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One Piece 1064 Spoiler Reddit: SWORD Members Revealed!

One Piece 1064 Spoiler Reddit: SWORD Members Revealed!

A hint of One Piece 1064 appears and makes the readers excited.

In the instructions for One Piece 1064, spoilers for the manga that will be published next week are revealed.

One Piece 1064 hint states something unexpected has happened.

The plan, the latest chapter of the One Piece manga will be published on Sunday, October 23, 2022.

In the chapter, fans must be wondering what will happen next.

The Final Saga enters One Piece 1064, from chapter to chapter Eiichiro Oda uncovers one by one the mysteries in this series.

Including known SWORD members up to One Piece 1064.

In the leaked One Piece 1064, SWORD members are the closest people to Vice Admiral Garp, who are they?

1. X-Drake

Captain X Drake is a pirate from the Worst Generation.

But everything is revealed, it turns out that X Drake is only disguised as a pirate for spies, in fact he is a marine from the SWORD organization.

2. Coby

Coby is a marine who was taught directly by Garp.

Since being trained by the Marine Hero, Coby has grown to be strong and is a member of SWORD.

3. Helmeppo

Helmeppo was once the son of a Marine Captain, Morgan, but he was very spoiled.

After being recruited by the Navy with Coby, the two of them immediately received direct guidance from Garp.

4. Hibari

Hibari made his debut recently in the One Piece series.

It is known that Hibari joined this organization after pleading with Helmeppo, where his goal was to save Coby who had been kidnapped by the Blackbeard pirates.

5. Prince Grus

Prince Grus is the Rear Admiral who first appears on the cover of Capone Bege's family.

Grus' nature can be said to be very wise in making decisions as a member of SWORD.

6. Aokiji Kuzan

Although it has not been confirmed, in the leaked One Piece 1064, Aokiji Kuzan is rumored to be a member of SWORD because he is close to Garp.

Another theory states, when Prince Grus refused to attack Blackbeard's territory at the request of other SWORD members to save Coby.

This shows that Grus doesn't really want to clash with his own comrade Aokiji.

One Piece 1064 Spoiler Reddit: SWORD Members Revealed!

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