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One Piece 1062 Spoiler: Oda Gives Hints Of Sword's Purpose?

One Piece 1062 Spoiler: Oda Gives Hints Of Sword's Purpose?

Until now, the purpose of the SWORD organization in the One Piece story is still unanswered in the story. 

Since the emergence of this organization, the fans themselves are curious about what exactly this secret organization is. 

Many fans speculate about who the members of the organization are and why this organization was formed or founded. 

What's interesting is how in the latest chapter yesterday Oda gave hints about this organization.

SWORD is a secret organization of the navy in the One Piece story. 

X-Drake, who is one of the Worst Generation pirates, is the leader of the organization. 

So far, Oda Sensei has always shown the figure of Drake as a former marine who later chose to become a pirate. 

Apart from Drake, Koby became the first navy to be introduced as part of SWORD.

SWORD itself is back in the spotlight after appearing in chapter 1061, where Oda introduces the other SWORD members. 

They were Hibari, Helmeppo, and also Prince Grus. 

Unfortunately, the chapter does not provide further details about the organization or the other characters who are members of it. 

However, there is speculation that Oda is giving hints.

SWORD Contains Young Navy

One Piece 1062 Spoiler: Oda Gives Hints Of Sword's Purpose?

If you pay attention, the average age of the characters who are members of the SWORD organization is still very young.

A real example is Koby who is currently 18 years old. 

Then, Helmeppo who is 22 years old and Hibari who may not be far from the figure of Koby and Helmeppo.

X Drake himself was 33 years old at this time, a young enough age to become a leader of a secret organization. 

Based on this, there is an assumption that Oda Sensei wants to give a hint that the SWORD organization is a secret organization that contains young marines full of potential. 

They have a youthful spirit and strength that can bring about new changes.

Speaking of new changes, this possibility is also the goal and mission of SWORD. 

So far, Oda has presented information that SWORD is an organization whose mission is to oversee the activities of the Yonko. 

However, looking at the composition of its members and how secret this organization is, it seems that SWORD has another purpose than just monitoring the Yonko.

The most reasonable possibility is that SWORD was deliberately formed to provide major changes in the body of the navy. 

They want to carry out a revolution or a major overhaul in the navy. 

This is why SWORD then recruits young people full of potential who have principles in line with them. 

Because it is young people who will bring about this big change.

As we know, the navy is the face of the military and a tool for the World Government. 

Most agree and want to go through with it, but some do not. 

Those who disagree think that the navy should not be under the control of the World Government or the sky dragons. 

They must move independently and truly be protectors, not the other way around. 

One Piece Sword's goal.

There's a Legendary Figure?

One Piece 1062 Spoiler: Oda Gives Hints Of Sword's Purpose?

We do not know when this organization was formed. 

However, maybe SWORD appeared still not long ago about a decade ago. 

With the organization being young and new, as well as the large number of young, inexperienced navies, of course, it takes a senior figure who is able to guide and direct them. 

Previous speculation stated that there were several legends that were part of SWORD.

Some of them are Sengoku or Garp. 

The two characters are quite reasonable considering they both oppose the existence or situation and intervention of the World Government. 

Both are also currently no longer very active in the navy, considering they decided to retire. 

Another figure who might become SWORD's mentor is Fujitora.

He hated injustice even though he was a marine himself. 

He was even willing to cut his own eyes blind, because he felt that there was nothing good that he could see anymore. 

Apart from these legends, it is certainly interesting to see how Oda Sensei presents other information about this organization.

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