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My Hero Academia Chapter 369 Spoilers: Detroit Smash!

My Hero Academia Chapter 369 Spoilers: Detroit Smash!

My Hero Academia Chapter 369 Spoiler: The Miracle Of The Second Quirk!

The final chapter saw Shigaraki evolving after five minutes into a more terrifying form.

My Hero Academia Chapter 369 spoiler will feature some awesome action from Deku.

The One for All (OFA) power of Deku needs to be activated.

Meanwhile Shigaraki seems to have merged with All for One (AFO) and is now in his strongest mode.

It seems that the upcoming chapter will be a tense battle, especially against Shigaraki and Deku.

Deku has launched "Deteoit Smash" and it looks like it's the ultimate attack.

My Hero Academia is a Shounen series that tells about the world of Super Heroes. 

Now Izuku Midoriya is a child who has aspirations to become a Super Hero and is the main character in the series. 

Therefore, this time Dafunda Otaku wants to discuss interesting facts about Deku in Boku no Hero Academia.

For those of you who don't know, every character in the Boku no Hero Academia series has their hero name. 

For Izuku Midoriya the name of the hero is Deku. In addition, we have also discussed characters who do not have a Quirk since birth.

Well this Deku is the 9th heir of OFA. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 369 Spoilers: Detroit Smash!

At that time All Might was impressed with Izuku's character who was willing to sacrifice to save others, even though Izuku didn't have a Quirk. 

Because of this, All Might decided to leave OFA to Deku, even though there was already another candidate, Mirio Togata.

Deku can use the powers of the previous OFA heir. 

So there were 8 owners of OFA before Deku, and each of them had their own Quirk apart from OFA.

Well, so far, the heir of OFA before Deku, can't access the other Quirks that were hoarded by the previous heir. 

But the great thing is that Deku can use the OFA heir Quirk before him.

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