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7 Facts About One Piece Cross Guild, A Terrible Organization!

7 Facts About One Piece Cross Guild, A Terrible Organization!

In One Piece chapter 1056 yesterday, One Piece fans were surprised by a new organization called Cross Guild. 

In the chapter it was revealed that several characters such as Dracule Mihawk, Crocodile, and Buggy became part of the new organization. 

For now, Cross Guild still hasn't shown much of their action in the series.

This is natural, because Cross Guild has only appeared in two chapters of the series, 1056 and 1058. 

Oda seems to have big plans in the future for this extraordinary organization. 

However, now Oda prefers to "keep" this organization a secret. 

Although there is not too much information that we can dig up from the Cross Guild, there are some interesting facts that have emerged regarding this group.

1. Formed By Crocodile and Mihawk

7 Facts About One Piece Cross Guild, A Terrible Organization!

The Cross Guild organization was originally formed by two people, namely Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk. 

This was revealed in chapter 1058 yesterday. 

In Mihawk's flashback, it appears that Crocodile contacted Mihawk to establish a partnership. 

At that time, Mihawk himself was preparing to leave the island of Kuraigana because it was surrounded by the Marine.

Mihawk himself was initially not interested in the offer, but after negotiations took place, Mihawk finally agreed. 

And what's interesting is that Crocodile had time to "raise" the past of Mihawk's figure. He said that Mihawk was a "Marine Hunter".

This is also the reason why Mihawk became Crocodile's first choice when forming the group.

2. Marines Hunter Organization

7 Facts About One Piece Cross Guild, A Terrible Organization!

Then, what is the real purpose of the formation of the Cross Guild? 

Based on what appeared in chapter 1056 yesterday it was revealed that the Cross Guild is a Marine Hunter organization. 

Eustas Kid who explained about it. 

If it is usually pirates who are hunted for by the Marine, what is happening now is just the opposite.

The Marine is now the hunted. In fact, not only by the pirates who were after them but also by everyone. 

What later became the exact reason they were targeting the Marine, Oda Sensei still hasn't included in the story. 

However, there is growing speculation that they may want to take revenge for what they did before.

3. Buggy Is The "Leader"

7 Facts About One Piece Cross Guild, A Terrible Organization!

What's interesting is that people know that Buggy is the leader of the new organization. Technically, this is not wrong. 

However, in fact, Buggy was accidentally chosen to be the leader of the group. 

According to Buggy's explanation in chapter 1058 yesterday, it was revealed that all of that was actually a mere misunderstanding.

According to him, the poster circulating that made everyone think that Buggy was the leader of the Cross Guild was the work of his subordinates. 

They are too flattering and glorifying the figure of Buggy, by keeping his photo in the middle of the poster. 

This is what actually makes everyone think that Buggy is then the leader of the organization.

However, what's interesting is that although at first Crocodile and Mihawk were angry because they were considered as subordinates of Buggy, in the end they accepted it. 

In fact, they thought it was a good idea. 


Because then Buggy will be the center of everyone's attention. 

Crocodile and Mihawk could do anything from behind Buggy's shadow.

4. Formed Accidentally

7 Facts About One Piece Cross Guild, A Terrible Organization!

Chapter 1058 also revealed the fact that the Cross Guild organization was formed by accident. 

In the beginning, the group or organization that Mihawk and Crocodile formed did not have the name Cross Guild. 

Oda did not provide information about the name of their organization. 

However, it was only after Crocodile appeared on the island of Karai Bari to collect a debt against Buggy that this idea emerged.

Buggy had offered to cooperate with Crocodile in order to cover his debt. 

However, at first, Crocodile refused because he said that he needed the money to start an organization. 

It was only after Mihawk and Crocodile came to Buggy, and agreed to make Buggy their "leader", finally the Cross Guild organization was officially formed. 

In essence, this Cross Guild is a combination of organizations or groups formed by Crocodile and Mihawk and Buggy's group.

5. Have Own Bounty System

7 Facts About One Piece Cross Guild, A Terrible Organization!

What is also interesting about this organization is that they have their own bounty or bounty value system. 

This was revealed in chapter 1056 yesterday. 

In Kid's explanation, the Cross Guild gave the marines a bounty. For now, there is still no confirmation of how they calculated the bounty. 

Also, what then becomes the determining factor for the game value.

In one of the panels, there is a star or some kind of reputation from the Marine. 

It is still unknown whether the number of stars depends on their rank, which in turn affects the bounty. 

However, reflecting on the World Government's bounty for pirates who race at the level of strength, it is not impossible if rank and strength also affect the bounty of the Marine.

6. Become a Marine Threat

7 Facts About One Piece Cross Guild, A Terrible Organization!

As Kid revealed in chapter 1056, those who used to hunt are now being hunted. 

You certainly know that the Marine is the military that eradicates the existence of pirates and other threats. 

They use massive weapons and power to destroy these threats. 

However, the situation is now starting to turn around where they are the hunted.

With the Cross Guild providing game value to the marines, their lives are now at stake. 

Many people are after their lives. In fact, the Marine itself feels threatened by the existence of the Cross Guild as we can see in chapter 1058. 

It is still unknown what the Marine's next steps will be in this regard.

7. Contains Former Shichibukai

7 Facts About One Piece Cross Guild, A Terrible Organization!

Cross Guild is a new organization that contains former Shichibukai. 

They are Crocodile, Dracule Mihawk, and also Buggy. Crocodile himself is actually a former Shichibukai who was deliberately kicked out of his position after committing a major crime in Alabasta. 

Meanwhile, Buggy and Mihawk are former Shichibukai after the system disbanded in the Reverie arc.

So far, the number of the Cross Guild alone was three. 

There is still no information whether there will be additional members who will join this organization. 

However, the fans themselves suspect that other former Shichibukai might join this organization. 

An example is Boa Hancock. 

This organization is considered to be able to exert pressure by becoming an opposition to the Marine.

Of course, it will be interesting to see how the fate of the Cross Guild will be in the future. 

Moreover, at this time, the series has begun to enter the final round. 

Cross Guild really brings something new to the world of One Piece. 

Is it possible that they will become one of the allies for the Straw Hats? 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter.

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